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BECE Past Questions and Answers on All Subjects (2023 Questions Available)

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Sample, let us give you a taste of our promise, we will be publishing below the BECE National Value or Civic Education 2023 Past Question and Answers for FREE



Time Allowed 1 hour

1.       A corrupt free Nigeria is achievable through

          A.       adherence to due process.

          B.       collapse of social values.

          C.       economic prosperity.

          D.       popular participation.

          E.       selfish interest.

2.       The process of choosing a candidate within a political party to be its flag bearer is                              election.

          A.       bye

          B.       general

          C.       indirect

          D.       primary

          E.       rerun

3.       The coming together of people to assist one another is

          A.       agreement.

          B.       amalgamation.

          C.       cooperation.

          D.       independence.

          E.       integration.

4.       The headquarters of African Union is located in

          A.       Abuja.

          B.       Addis-Ababa.

          C.       Burkina-Faso.

          D.       Cairo.

          E.       Dakar.

5.       Which of the following embodies the rules of a nation?

          A.       Coat of arms

          B.       Constitution

          C.       Currency

          D.       The flag

          E.       The pledge

6.       Excessive love for money can lead to the following except

          A.       contentment

          B.       corruption.

          C.       drug trafficking.

          D.       human trafficking.

          E.       prostitution.

7.       Human trafficking can be prevented through

          A.       awareness campaigns.

          B.       child labour.

          C.       communal labour.

          D.       conflict resolution.

          E.       mass immigration.

8.       An individual who exhibits self-control is described as

          A.       disciplined.

          B.       intelligent

          C.       knowledgeable.

          D.       perfect.

          E.       talented.

9.       Which of the following environmental problems is unfamiliar to Nigeria?      

          A.       Erosion

          B.       Fire

          C.       Flood

          D.       Pollution

          E.       Tornadoes

10.     The foremost manifestation of values is at the           level. 

          A.       economic

          B.       group

          C.       individual

          D.       societal

          E.       traditional

11.     Prohibition on selling contaminated consumables is monitored by

          A.       Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

          B.       Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission.

          C.       National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control.

          D.       National Orientation Agency.

          E.       Standards Organization of Nigeria.

12.     The right attitude to work is hindered when         is exhibited.

          A.       diligence

          B.       discipline

          C.       honesty

          D.       negligence

          E.       punctuality

13.     Stigmatization and bad reputation is brought upon an individual through 

          A.       hostile attitude.

          B.       irresponsible parenthood.

          C.       mild temperament.

          D.       political opinions.

          E.       responsible livelihood.

14.     The most effective approach towards eliminating sexually transmitted diseases is by       

          A.       casual intercourse.

          B.       total abstinence.

          C.       use of condom.

          D.       use of drugs.

          E.       withdrawal from peers.

15.     Examination malpractice in schools can be prevented through       

          A.       increasing teachers’ pay.

          B.       providing free education.

          C.       reducing cost of school fee.

          D.       reducing frequent test practice.

          E.       treating culprits with kid-gloves.

16.     The agency created for the purpose of promoting national unity is     

          A.       Federal Road Safety Commission.

          B.       Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission.

          C.       National Orientation Agency.

          D.       Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps.

          E.       Public Complaints Commission.

17.     An institution empowered to interpret the law is the  

          A.       executive.

          B.       judiciary.

          C.       legislature.

          D.       police.

          E.       press.

18.     Which of the following symbols is peculiar to the legislature?  

          A.       Constitution

          B.       Gavel

          C.       Mace

          D.       Mask

          E.       Wig

19.     The institution responsible for organising and conducting elections in Nigeria is

          A.       Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offenses Commission.

          B.       Independent National Electoral Commission.

          C.       National Orientation Agency.

          D.       Nigerian Television Authority. 

          E.       Standards Organisation of Nigeria.

20.     In Nigeria, the people that are allowed to vote during an election are the      

          A.       accredited electorates.

          B.       elected officers.

          C.       electoral observers.

          D.       polling clerks,

          E.       polling thugs.

21.     The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria allows for separation of     

          A.       duties.

          B.       government.

          C.       powers.

          D.       privileges.

          E.       rights.

22.     In Nigeria, June 12 is celebrated as        day.

          A.       children’s

          B        democracy

          C.       independence

          D.       veterans’

          E.       workers’

23.     At what age is a citizen qualified to vote in Nigeria?   

          A.       16

          B.       18

          C.       20

          D.       22

          E.       24

24.     Which of the following acts promotes national security?         

          A.       Benevolence

          B.       Bravery

          C.       Generosity

          D.       Hospitality

          E.       Wealth

25.     Deviant behaviour is preventable through       

          A.       cover-up.

          B.       juvenile detention.

          C.       over pampering.

          D.       praise singing.

          E.       socialization.

26.     Which of the following is not a national symbol?       

          A.       National anthem

          B.       National pledge

          C.       Nigeria map

          D.       The constitution

          E.       The flag

27.     Who among the following gave Nigeria her name?      

          A.       Flora Shaw

          B.       Florence Nightingale

          C.       Frederick Lugard

          D.       Hugh Clifford

          E.       Queen Elizabeth II

28.     An act of selfishness can be expressed through

          A.       generosity

          B.       greed.

          C.       humility.

          D.       pride.

          E.       selflessness.

29.     An effective attribute of integrity is        

          A.       courage.

          B.       endurance.

          C.       harmony.

          D.       patience.

          E.       truthfulness.

30.     Which of the following is a civic duty?   

          A.       Campaigning for elections

          B.       Casting ballot

          C.       Falsification of votes

          D.       Multiple voting

          E.       Vote buying

31.     Which of the following geo-political zones in Nigeria has the highest number of states?     

          A.       North central

          B.       North east

          C.       North west

          D.       South east

          E.       South south

32.     Paying tax is to duties, as         is to rights.    

          A.       discipline

          B.       due process

          C.       life

          D.       peace

          E.       social control

33.     The following are obligations of the government to the people except        

          A.       arresting criminals.

          6.       defending the country.

          C.       protection of lives and property.

          D.       provision of social amenities.

          E.       regular payment of tax.

34.     The quality of being sincere and truthful at all times defines        

          A.       contentment.

          B.       courage.

          C.       dedication.

          D.       honesty.

          E.       humility.

35.     Duties are sacrifices, while rights are

          A.       attitudes.

          B.       commitments.

          C.       obligations.

          D.       opportunities.

          E.       privileges.

36.     A child born by Nigerian parents abroad is entitled to Nigerian citizenship by     

          A.       birth.

          B.       conferment.

          C.       marriage.

          D.       naturalization.

          E.       registration.

37.     Which of the following tasks is not related to civic duties?        

          A.       Participation in environmental sanitation

          B.       Payment of taxes and rates

          C.       Resisting arrest from law enforcement agents

          D.       Standing right when singing national anthem

          E.       Voting during elections

38.     The second tier of government in Nigeria is the

          A.       federal.

          B.       local.

          C.       senatorial.

          D.       state.

          E.       zone.

39.     Proper administration of justice safeguards the          of a citizen       

          A.       authority

          B.       legitimacy

          C.       liberty

          D.       powers

          E.       values

40.     Which of the following may be a reason for denying citizenship by naturalization in    Nigeria?       

          A.       Being of good character

          B.       Being over 21 years

          C.       Compromise Nigeria’s security

          D.       Having lived in Nigeria for

          E.       10 years  Reciting the national anthem

41.     The responsibilities of citizens to the state are synonymous to their        

          A.       duties.

          B.       liberties.

          C.       privileges.

          D.       standards.

          E.       values.

41.     The following is a function of the legislature?  

          A.       Conferring titles

          B.       Declaring winners in elections

          C.       Judicial pronouncement

          D.       king laws

          E.       Protecting the rights of the president

43.     The minimum age requirements of an alien applying for Nigeria citizenship is        

          A.       19.

          B.       20.

          C.       21.

          D.       25.

          E.       28.

44.     Citizenship education promotes

          A.       economic dependency. 

          B.       ethnic superiority. 

          C.       national integration. 

          D.       political domination. 

          E.       religious intolerance.

45.     The federal government of Nigeria is headed by the

          A.       Ceremonial President. 

          B.       Executive Chairman. 

          C.       Executive President. 

          D.       President of Senate. 

          E.       Prime Minister.

46.     When the national flag is flown at half mast, it indicates

          A.       celebration. 

          B.       happiness. 

          C.       jubilation. 

          D.       mourning. 

          E.       war.

47.     An individual found guilty of a crime in the court is a/an

          A.       accused.

          B.       convict. 

          C.       culprit. 

          D.       defendant. 

          E.       suspect.

48.     Ebonyi State is located in the          geo-political zone in Nigeria?

          A.       North central 

          B.       Northwest 

          C.       South east 

          D.       South south 

          E.       South west

49.     The head of the lower legislative chamber of the National Assembly in Nigeria is the       

          A.       Chief Whip.

          B.       Clerk.

          C.       Majority leader.

          D.       President.

          E.       Speaker.

50.     The Nigeria coat of arms was adopted in

          A.       1957.

          B.       1960.

          C.       1963.

          D.       1966.

          E.       1973.


51.     Which of the following is a common juvenile crime?  

          A.       Arms dealing

          B.       Drug trafficking

          C.       Human trafficking

          D.       Money laundering

          E.       Pick pocketing

52.     An activity punishable under the law in Nigeria is     

          A.       arson.

          B.       drunkenness.

          C.       pornography.

          D.       speeding.

          E.       suicide.

53.     The use of an electronic device to carry out illegal financial activity is 

          A.       blogging.

          B.       cyber-fraud.

          C.       virement.

          D.       wire-transfer.

          E.       youtubing.

54.     Crime rate in Nigeria can be reduce through   

          A.       efficient law enforcement.

          B.       inadequate employment.

          C.       nonchalant attitude.

          D.       weak Judiciary.

          E.       wrong value system.

55.     A crime tackled by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control is

          A.       banditry and kidnapping.

          B.       cyber-fraud occurrences.

          C.       sale of fake substances.

          D.       sales of substandard equipment.

          E.       vandalisation of pipelines.

56.     In Nigeria, general elections are conducted every        years.

          A.       two

          B.       three

          C.       four

          D.       five

          E.       six

57.     The chief security officer of a state is the         

          A.       Chief of Staff.

          B.       Commissioner of Police.

          C.       Council Chairman.

          D.       Executive Governor.

          E.       Executive President.

58.     Which of the following is the primary duty of the Nigeria Police?         

          A.       Defending borders

          B.       Interpreting the law

          C.       Issuance of passport

          D.       Prosecuting criminals

          E.       Protecting lives and property

59.     The consequence of crime on the nation is that, it     

          A.       encourages peaceful co-existence.

          B.       eradicates poverty.

          C.       leads to development in the country.

          D.       leads to loss of lives.

          E.       safeguards government assets.

60.     The fundamental duty of the Nigerian Army is to       

          A.       amend law.

          B.       enforce law.

          C.       guard against external aggression.

          D.       provide information to government.

          E.       maintain law and order.



Time Allowed 1 hour

1.       Social studies is defined as the study of man in relation to his   environment.

          A.       cultural and traditional

          B.       moral and spiritual

          C.       physical and occupational

          D.       physical and social

          E.       religious and political

2.       Social studies was introduced to help the society        the changes of the environment.

          A.       adapt to

          B.       distinguish between

          C.       manipulate

          D.       stabilise from

          E.       to be subjected to

3.       The first agent of socialization for a child is the

          A.       church.

          B.       clan.

          C.       family.

          D.       mosque.

          E.       school.

4.       The movement of people and goods from one place to another is

          A.       migration.

          B.       mobilization.

          C.       retrogression.

          D.       transmission.

          E.       transportation.

5.       Cultural diversity illustrates the         of groups within our society

          A.       division

          B.       heterogeneity

          C.       homogeneity

          D.       spontaneity

          E.       uniformity

6.       The traditional title ‘Igwe’ is most prominent among the             ethnic group of Nigeria.

          A.       Ibibio

          B.       Igbo

          C.       Ijaw

          D.       Itsekiri

          E.       Urhobo

7.       Which of the following sets of physical environment is man-made?

          A.       Buildings and roads

          B.       Deserts and forests

          C.       Highlands and lowlands

          D.       Mountains and valleys

          E.       Rainfall and vegetation

8.       The officer charged with control of vehicular movement is

          A.       area warden.

          B.       civil defence officer.

          C.       correctional officer.

          D.       police escort.

          E.       traffic warden.

9.       The underlisted are positive group behaviours except

          A.       communal labour.

          B.       community policing.

          C.       displays of patriotism.

          D.       mob action.

          E.       protest march.

10.     A barrier that stops the flow of surface water is         

          A.       bridge.

          B.       dam.

          C.       pillar.

          D.       ridge.

          E.       wall.

11.     The members of a peer group are usually        

          A.       enemies.

          B.       friends.

          C.       partners.

          D.       spouses.

          E.       students.

12.     A son to one’s uncle is      

          A.       brother.

          B.       cousin.

          C.       nephew.

          D.       niece.

          E.       sibling.

13.     Family standard of living is mostly affected by

          A.       education.

          B.       ethnicity.

          C.       inequality.

          D.       poverty.

          E.       racism.

14.     A social unit consisting of a man, his wife and children is       

          A.       community.

          B.       district.

          C.       family.

          D.       town.

          E.       village.

15.     Which of the following describes a relationship through the father’s side?    

          A.       Fatherhood

          B.       Kinship

          C.       Matrilineal

          D.       Matrimonial

          E.       Patrilineal

16.     The main purpose of marriage is for      

          A.       cohabitation.

          B.       companionship.

          C.       procreation.

          D.       social control.

          E.       wealth creation.

17.     Population in the society grows through

          A.       adoption.

          B.       age group.

          C.       birth.

          D.       emigration.

          E.       marriage.

18.     Which of the following is a material aspect of culture?         

          A.       Belief

          B.       Craft

          C.       Language

          D.       Religion

          E.       Value

19.     Culture is said to be           because it changes.         

          A.       dynamic

          B.       homogeneous

          C.       shared

          D.       static

          E.       universal

20.     Which of the following factors is necessary for a successful marriage?       

          A.       Affection

          B.       Impatience

          C.       Intelligence

          D.       Unfaithfulness

          E.       Wealth

21.     The main services provided by the family are  

          A.       education and growth.

          B.       food and clothing.

          C.       health services.

          D.       maintenance of law and order.

          E.       security and defence.

22.     The interaction process through which an individual acquires societal values is

          A.       assimilation.

          B.       documentation.

          C.       inculcation.

          D.       indoctrination.

          E.       socialization.

23.     The most popular food among Yoruba people is         

          A.       akpu.

          B.       amala.

          C.       fura.

          D.       okpa.

          E.       tuwo.

24.     Which of the following acts leads to social instability?

          A.       Diligence

          B.       Equity

          C.       Fairness

          D.       Favouritism

          E.       Honesty

25.     Which of the following is a benefit of peer groups?     

          A.       Helps individuals acquire societal values

          B.       Lays foundation for acquisition of skills

          C.       Mobilizes touts and hooligans

          D.       Promotes peace and orderliness

          E.       Promotes political aspiration

26.     The consumption and abuse of stimulants leads to   

          A.       intelligence.

          B.       lucidity.

          C.       restlessness.

          D.       sanity.

          E.       wellness.

27.     Social studies comprises the following subjects except         

          A.       economics.

          B.       geography.

          C.       government.

          D.       history.

          E.       mathematics.

28.     Which of the following is a disease prevention strategy?         

          A.       Diagnosis

          B.       Immunization

          C.       Prescription

          D.       Prognosis

          E.       Stigmatization

29.     The extended family includes the

          A.       daughter.

          B.       father.

          C.       mother.

          D.       nephew.

          E.       son.

30.     Which of the following is a non-material aspect of culture?       

          A.       Belief

          B.       Cloth

          C.       Food

          D.       Hoe

          E.       House

31.     The payment made in exchange for a wife is    

          A.       alimony.

          B.       alms.

          C.       dowry.

          D.       gift.

          E.       levy.

32.     Premarital sex can be discouraged through     

          A.       being a bachelor.

          B.       family planning.

          C.       keeping multiple partners.

          D.       promoting early marriage.

          E.       sex education.

33.     The leading cause of divorce in our society is  

          A.       high poverty rate.

          B.       high rate of literacy.

          C.       pressure from work.

          D.       traditional culture.

          E.       unfaithfulness in marriage.

34.     Which aspect is most important when planning a traditional marriage?       

          A.       Church recitals

          B.       Elder’s blessings

          C.       Exchange of rings

          D.       Medical examination

          E.       Signing marriage register

35.     Readiness for marriage leads to between couples.      

          A.       constant quarrelling

          B.       emotional abuse

          C.       extramarital affairs

          D.       improper parenthood

          E.       mutual understanding

36.     The institution where skills and knowledge are acquired to function effectively in the         society is the

          A.       home.

          B.       hostel.

          C.       hotel.

          D.       market.

          E.       school.

37.     “To be faithful, loyal and honest” is a phrase from the

          A.       act of parliament.

          B.       national anthem.

          C.       national constitution.

          D.       national pledge.

          E.       penal code.

38.     Which of the following substances is legal in Nigeria?

          A.       Caffeine

          B.       Carcinogens

          C.       Cocaine

          D.       Codeine

          E.       Marijuana

39.     Which of the following drugs is commonly abused?   

          A.       Amphetamines

          B.       Antibiotics

          C.       Aspirin

          D,       Panadol

          E.       Vitamins

40.     Which of the following social problems is alien to Nigeria?       

          A.       Child labour

          B.       Poverty

          C.       Racism

          D.       Substance abuse

          E.       Unemployment

41.     Absence of peace leads to 

          A.       growth.

          B.       harmony.

          C.       pandemic.

          D.       underdevelopment.

          E.       unity.

42.     Which of the following is a psychological effect of drug abuse?         

          A.       Cancer

          B.       Insanity

          C.       Sores

          D.       Starvation

          E.       Tumour

43.     Making children hawk on the street is referred to as  

          A.       child abuse.

          B.       child rights.

          C.       drug abuse.

          D.       parental responsibility.

          E.       socialization process.

44.     Which of the following breeds disharmony in the society?       

          A.       Economic development

          H.       Equal opportunities

          C.       Ethnic rivalry

          D.       Loyalty to country

          E.       Political opinions

45.     A wealthy society attracts 

          A.       chaos.

          B.       development.

          C.       division.

          D.       legitimacy.

          E.       morality.

46.     Proper administration of social justice in our society leads to        

          A.       equal opportunity.

          B.       ethnicity rivalry.

          C.       instability.

          D.       unequal wealth distribution.

          E.       vote buying.

47.     Societal conflicts can be escalated through

          A.       arbitration.

          B        compromise.

          C.       dialogue.

          D.       mediation.

          E.       war.

48.     The habit of self medication can lead to drug  

          A.       addiction.

          B.       administration.

          C.       manufacture.

          D.       regulation.

          E.       trafficking.

49.     Social instability can be avoided if society       

          A.       avoids corruption.

          B.       avoids crime.

          C.       encourages tribalism.

          D.       obeys rules and regulations.

          E.       shows fairness to all.

50.     The legal act of joining a couple in matrimony is        

          A.       cohabitation.

          B.       courtship.

          C.       engagement.

          D.       fellowship.

          E.       marriage.

51.     Unpaid voluntary work to support people: in a particular area is

          A.       age grade celebrations.

          B.       civil service.

          C.       community service.

          D.       political campaigns.

          E.       religious activities.

52.     Which of the following is an obstacle to fighting cultism in our society?       

          A.       Adherence to regulations

          B.       Celebrating cultists’ achievements

          C.       Responsible parenthood

          D.       Self-discipline

          E.       Self-reliance

53.     The following are forms of examination malpractices except

          A.       assaulting a supervisor.

          B.       bringing in electronic gadgets.

          C.       clarifying questions by invigilators.

          D.       copying from fellow students.

          E.       impersonation of candidates.

54.     The ideals of peace is threatened by

          A.       insecurity.

          B.       mutual respect.

          C.       social justice.

          D.       socialization.

          E.       tolerance.

55.     Which of the following religious practices is alien to Nigeria?       

          A.       Buddhism

          B.       Christianity

          C.       Idolatry

          D.       Islam

          E.       Occultism

56.     The following are aims of establishing Federal Road Safety Corps except

          A.       apprehending traffic offenders.

          B.       inculcating highway code.

          C.       organising workshops and public enlightenment.

          D.       prioritising accident victims based on tribe.

          E.       propagating safety ideals.

57.     The red traffic light indicates      

          A.       exit.

          B.       go.

          C.       stop.

          D.       wait.

          E.       walk.

58.     A situation where a woman has more than one husband is       

          A.       bigamy.

          B.       monogamy.

          C.       polyandry.

          D.       polygamy.

          E.       polygyny.

59.     Which of the following associations disrupts socialization processes in schools?        

          A.       Boy Scouts

          B.       Cult groups

          C.       Man ‘O’ war

          D.       Press Club

          E.       Red Cross

60.     The most important function of a religious organization is to   

          A.       conduct burial ceremonies.

          B.       identify criminals.

          C.       introduce social ideology.

          D.       mould behaviour and character.

          E.       produce religious teachers.


  SECTION A: CIVIC EDUCATION 1. A. adherence to due process 2. D. primary 3. C. cooperation 4. B. Addis-Ababa 5. B. Constitution 6. A. contentment 7. A. awareness campaigns 8. A. disciplined 9. E. tornadoes 10. C. individual 11. C. National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control 12. D. negligence 13. D. political opinions 14. B. total abstinence 15. E. treating culprits with kid-gloves 16. C. National Orientation Agency 17. B. judiciary 18. C. Mace 19. B. Independent National Electoral Commission 20. A. accredited electorates 21. C. powers 22. B. democracy 23. B. 18 24. D. honesty 25. A. cover-up 26. B. generosity 27. A. Flora Shaw 28. B. greed 29. A. courage 30. B. Casting ballot 31. A. North central 32. D. peace 33. B. Independent National Electoral Commission 34. D. honesty 35. A. attitudes 36. D. naturalization 37. D. Standing right when singing national anthem 38. D. state 39. C. liberty 40. C. political domination 41. A. diligent 42. C. good character 43. B. democracy 44. C. national integration 45. C. Executive President 46. D. mourning 47. B. convict 48. C. South east 49. E. Speaker 50. C. 1963   SECTION B: SECURITY EDUCATION 51. E. Pick pocketing 52. A. arson 53. B. cyber-fraud 54. A. efficient law enforcement 55. D. sales of substandard equipment 56. C. four 57. D. Executive Governor 58. E. Protecting lives and property 59. D. leads to loss of lives 60. C. guard against external aggression  1. D. physical and social 2. A. adapt to 3. C. family 4. E. transportation 5. B. heterogeneity 6. B. Igbo 7. A. Buildings and roads 8. E. traffic warden 9. D. mob action 10. B. dam 11. B. friends 12. C. nephew 13. C. inequality 14. C. family 15. E. Patrilineal 16. C. procreation 17. C. birth 18. B. Craft 19. A. dynamic 20. A. Affection 21. E. security and defence 22. E. socialization 23. B. amala 24. D. Favouritism 25. B. Lays foundation for acquisition of skills 26. C. restlessness 27. A. economics 28. B. Immunization 29. D. nephew 30. A. Belief 31. C. dowry 32. E. sex education 33. E. unfaithfulness in marriage 34. B. Elder’s blessings 35. E. mutual understanding 36. E. school 37. D. national pledge 38. A. Caffeine 39. A. Amphetamines 40. C. Racism 41. D. underdevelopment 42. B. Insanity 43. A. child abuse 44. C. Ethnic rivalry 45. B. development 46. A. equal opportunity 47. E. war 48. A. addiction 49. D. obeys rules and regulations 50. E. marriage 51. C. community service 52. B. Celebrating cultists’ achievements 53. C. clarifying questions by invigilators 54. A. insecurity 55. A. Buddhism 56. D. prioritising accident victims based on tribe 57. C. stop 58. C. polyandry 59. B. Cult groups 60. D. mould behaviour and character

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