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NIN registration process and guidelines for UTME candidates.

Last updated on May 27th, 2022 at 07:35 am

If you are wondering how exactly to register for your National identification Number(NIN), this article is for you.

Here I would be providing a complete rundown of the NIN registration process and the necessary guidelines, to ensure you have a hitch-free registration process.

So let’s dive in!


What is NIN?

The National Identification Number(NIN) is an eleven-digit number that is assigned to every successfully enrolled person.

This means that the NIN is unique to each individual. No two persons can have the same NIN. 

Even when a person dies, the NIN is not reassigned to another person, rather the NIN is retired after a death certificate has been presented to the commission in charge, the National Identity Management Commission(NIMC)

The eleven digits of the NIN are generated randomly within the system, such that the numbers do not follow any intelligible sequence. 

The NIN is like the number tied to the retrieval of the owner’s demographic data, picture, fingerprints, etc within the National Identity Database.

Now that you know what exactly the NIN is, if you are a prospective UTME candidate, you might be wondering:

Is NIN compulsory for JAMB 2022 registration?

The answer is Yes!

NIN is a compulsory requirement for the 2022 JAMB registration process. And without it, you would not even be able to kick start the registration process.

Do you have further questions about the JAMB 2022 registration process? Check out this post.

Now, the next thing you need to know is:

How to register for NIN

Keep reading to get a detailed explanation of the NIN registration process. The process should cost you nothing, so there is no such thing as a NIN registration fee.

There is also no such thing as a NIN registration deadline. The process would continue for as long as is needed to capture every Nigerian.

Step 1: Locate a NIMC enrollment centre near you.

These are accredited numbers where the National identity management commission has placed qualified officials to carry out the registration process. They are available from Monday to Friday.

You don’t know of any NIMC registration centres around you, check out this site to get a full list of the NIN registration centres all over Nigeria. 

If you already know one or two places where you can get this done around you, then you can take in the next step:

Step 2: Gather the required documents.

If you already have a Bank Verification Number (BVN), then you would need to retrieve it, because you would be asked to provide it at the registration point.

However, if you do not already have a BVN, that is not a problem at all.

Now, you would need to obtain any of the following documents in the original format, and take them to the registration centre with you:

  •  Birth certificate
  • NHIS ID Card
  • Government staff ID Card ( if you are a civil servant)
  • School ID Card ( this could be that of a public or private institution, either way, works)
  • Organisation staff ID Card ( Note that this is only acceptable if the issuing organisation is a registered cooperation.)
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Immigration Documents (Valid)
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Driver’s Licence
  •  Old National ID Card
  • Voter’s Card(  this could be temporary or permanent)
  • International Passport ( Nigerian)
  •  Declaration of Age
  • Attestation Letter from a prominent Traditional ruler in your community/ religious leader.

No need to worry, you do not need to tender ALL of these documents at the registration point.

The documents listed above are referred to as Supporting Documents. You only need to provide ONE of these to enable you to register.

The choice of which one of these to present is left to you. However, you have to take care to submit whichever one of these you choose in its valid format.

Step 3: Actual NIN registration

This would be carried out by the NIMC official at your choice enrollment centre.

The registration process would go like this;

  • The official would run your details on the database to verify that you have not registered for a NIN previously.
  • If the result shows that you have not been enrolled before, then an enrollment form would be given to you to fill out. For someone who cannot read or write, they should be accompanied by someone who can, who can help such a person in filling out this form.
  • The enrollment form you have filled out would be vetted by the official to detect any errors or inconsistencies.

The supporting document you have tendered would also be checked to make sure it is valid.

  • The information provided in the form would be entered into the NIMC software by the official.

Be sure to check and double-check for errors as this is going on.

Step 4: Biometric capturing.

This involves using a fingerprint sensor to feed your fingerprints for each of your 10 fingers into the database.

The official would supervise this process.

  • A transaction ID slip would be printed for you as evidence that you went through this process.

Note that this document does not contain your NIN, nor is it a guarantee of the issuance of a NIN.

This means that even at this point if an error is found in the data you have provided, or there are connectivity problems with the system, and NIN might not be issued to you.

  • After you have been given this transaction ID slip, you would be asked to come back within 1-5 working days to get your NIN.
  • When you go back to the registration centre within the stipulated time, a NIN slip would be issued to you. This would contain your NIN.

Also, within 12 months from the time you registered, a Nation E- ID Card ( Electronic ID Card) would be issued to you.

This is a soft copy of the NIN slip given to you.

However, this might not be issued if any unforeseen errors pop up.

NIN registration for people under 15.

For people within the age bracket of 0- 15, the registration process is slightly different.

People between the ages of 0-15 should go to the registration centre with a parent or guardian to register.

They would need to provide an original certificate, as well as the NIN of one of Their parents or guardians.

 After the registration process has been completed, a message would be sent to the accompanying parent or guardian. 

This text would contain details of the registration.

Also, an E- ID card would not be issued to them until they are 16 years of age.

Can I register for NIN online?

Well, you can not get the whole NIN registration process done online.

What you can do, however, is to download and fill an enrollment form online. You can do this at: This is called the Pre-enrollment form.

Note that the form should be filled in capital letters. 

After you have done this proceed to the NIN costs nearest to you to complete the process.

How to check if your NIN has been successfully registered ( how to retrieve your NIN after registration.)

After you have registered for your NIN, and a NIN has been issued to you, you can always retrieve it by dialling *346# on your phone.

This code would retrieve your code from within the system for you. It does not cost anything to do this.

Can I register NIN without BVN?

If you already had a BVN before starting the NIN enrollment process, then Yes, you must provide it to contain the registration.

However, if you did not previously have a BVN, then you can go ahead and register without it.

Is BVN linked to NIN?

If you have registered for, and have been issued a NIN, then Yes, it would now be connected with your NIN.

This is why you must be very careful not to disclose your NIN to anyone you do not trust. Or put your NIN on sites that you can not be sure are legitimate and secure.

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