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A1 in English by Dele Ashade PDF| Complete Textbook Download

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 06:50 am

This post will tell you everything you need to know about A1 in English by Dele Ashade pdf and how you can download it in pdf format. 

I used A1 in English by Dele Ashade during my SSCE and Jamb and trust me, I’m now doing well with English. It is one of the best books for students out there.

Topics from A1 in English by Dele Ashade Textbook

It includes: 

  • Parts of speech 
  • Lexis and Structure 
  • English Comprehension 
  • English Composition 
  • Oral 
  • Correct Pronunciation 
  • And lots of other revised questions from SSCE and Jamb Syllabus. 

A1 in English is authored by Dele Ashade, the proficient language teacher. He is also the author of Invisible Teacher In English. 

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Bibliography of A1 in English by Dele Ashade PDF

  • It is over 300 pages 
  • It is structured to address English from basic to advanced level 
  • Its published in 2008 by Ashdell Investment Limited 
  • It includes Grammar, Essay Writing, Letter Writing, Comprehension, Oral English and lots of revised past questions to aid your learning. 

How to download A1 In English by Dele Ashade PDF format

Congratulations, you can now download the A1 in English Textbook by Dele Ashade in pdf format into your phone.



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