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Download Modern Biology Textbook

Last updated on August 15th, 2022 at 12:54 pm

Modern Biology textbook pdf  by Sarojini T. Ramalingam, Bsc(Hons.), Ph.D. is an excellent textbook you can’t avoid having in your collection if you want to be sound in Biology.

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It is considered one of the best Biology textbooks for senior secondary school. It can be used for both teaching and self-learning.

The textbooks explain every topic with top-notch simplicity which allows the readers to understand the subject matter.

Features of Modern Biology

There’s a comprehensive summary at every end of the chapters inside the book. Not only that. There are also practice questions at the end of each chapter. Some practice questions in the textbook came directly from WASSCE, NECO, and UTME

All the diagrams are carefully and colorfully drawn with proper labeling which makes the Modern Biology textbook easier to comprehend when read.

The tables in the textbook make it very easy to understand

Even as an O-level candidate, the Modern Biology textbook PDF is a good textbook. It has helped a lot of students, even with the dullest brain, to jump the hurdle of internal and external examinations.

If you are tired of constantly struggling with passing the Biology examinations, either internal or external, then you need to struggle no more. All you need to do is study the textbook.

It has 8 units with 47 chapters. The book is about 296 pages.

The unit of the book:

  • unit 1-The chemistry of life
  • Unit 2-The cell
  • Unit 3-The genetics
  • Unit 4-Evolutionary processes
  • Unit 5-Biology diversity
  • Unit 6-Plant structure and function
  • Unit 7-Animal structure and function
  • Unit 8-Ecology

I recommend modern biology textbook pdf to students who want to Ace his or her Biology exams and become excellent in Biology.

It is easy to get the portable device format(PDF), plus you don’t need to break a bank to get the textbook.

Download the Modern Biology Textbook here now!

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