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Modern Biology For Senior Secondary Schools [PDF]

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Download MODERN BIOLOGY TEXTBOOK by Sarojini T. Ramalingam, BSc (Hons.) PhD. Revised by Lucy Akunwa & J. B. C Obidiwe 2018 latest version in PDF Format

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Modern Biology PDF is Popular in Secondary schools. The Ministry of Education also recommends this textbook.

Here are some Topics from the Book

Topic Description
Cell Biology Understanding cell structure, function, and processes.
Genetics Studying inheritance patterns and molecular genetics.
Ecology Exploring relationships between organisms and their environments.
Evolution Examining the mechanisms and patterns of biological evolution.
Physiology Investigating the functions and mechanisms of living organisms.
Anatomy Exploring the structure of organisms and their parts.
Microbiology Studying microorganisms and their roles in ecosystems.
Biochemistry Understanding the chemical processes within living organisms.
Botany Focusing on plant biology, including anatomy and physiology.
Zoology Examining the diversity and characteristics of animal life.
Immunology Understanding the immune system and its responses.
Neurobiology Exploring the structure and function of the nervous system.
Molecular Biology Investigating biological processes at the molecular level.
Biotechnology Applying biological knowledge to develop technologies.
Environmental Science Examining the impact of human activities on ecosystems.
Ecosystem Biology Studying the interactions within ecosystems.
Bioinformatics Using computational methods to analyze biological data.
Genomics Exploring the genomes of organisms for insights.
Pharmacology Understanding the effects of drugs on living organisms.
Endocrinology Examining the endocrine system and hormonal regulation.
Developmental Biology Investigating the processes of growth and development.
Marine Biology Studying life in marine environments.
Entomology Focusing on the biology of insects.
Conservation Biology Addressing biodiversity and habitat conservation.
Ornithology Examining the biology of birds.
Herpetology Studying amphibians and reptiles.
Mycology Exploring the biology of fungi.
Virology Investigating the structure and function of viruses.
Cytology Examining cell structure and function at a microscopic level.
Histology Studying the microscopic anatomy of tissues.

Modern Biology is written by Sarojini T. Ramalingam,BSc (Hons.) PhD.

Revised by
Lucy Akunwa
J. B. C Obidiwe

The authors designed it to fit the Secondary School Biology syllabus. This text is in-depth and it contains details that you might not find in other biology textbooks.

While the Essential Biology PDF Textbook provides the basic details for each discussion, the Modern Biology PDF, the textbook provides in-depth details. It professionally examines these topics.

Modern Biology pdf also provides diagrams on all the concepts being explained. These diagrams aid the reader to label the concepts being explained. In all standard Biology Examinations, the students would have to draw some images and label them. Students using the modern Biology textbook would be able to do this perfectly.

The textbook also comes with evaluation exercises that help the student evaluate their learning progress.

Modern Biology For Senior Secondary Schools – 2018 Revised Edition

This 2018 revised edition of Modern Biology by Sarojini T. Ramalingam is basically designed for WAEC, NECO and SSCE students in secondary schools who aspire excellence in the subject.

This 2018 revised edition incudes new topics which were not treated in previous editions of the book. Also, some editorial oversights in the previous editions have been eliminated, and more relevant information are added to some existing topics. However, this 2018 edition is indepthly researched to further improve the Supremacy of Modern Biology Textbook over other existing Biology textbooks in its comprehensiveness and simplicity.

This 2018 Revised Edition is presented in simple and precise language, with more specific terms clearly defined. Concepts treated are well developed and supported throughout by clearly well labelled diagrams, charts and tables and relevant activities and exercises. Local examples are used to illustrates concepts.

Each chapter is provided with a summary in the end which gives a quick review of the essential facts covered to facilitate quick revision. Also, revision exercises similar to those set in WASSCE, NECO and UTME.

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