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Recommended textbooks for Waec and Jamb, and Neco in Pdfs download 2024

Last updated on January 7th, 2024 at 06:05 pm

Aside from the Jamb, Neco, and Waec syllabus that you may want to follow as a guide to your studying for the 2024 Waec, Jamb, and Neco Examinations,. The recommended textbooks for Waec Jamb and Neco in PDF format are some of the best books and profound textbooks out there that will ace your learning process and without difficulty, you will see yourself doing the best you can.

These are regular textbooks by profound authors that have been used by students over the years and have proven remarkable.

Nevertheless, the best part of this article, rwhich recommendstextbooks for Waec and Jamb, is that this website provides this content in PDFs and can be read up or bought at very affordable prices on the website eStore.

However, these textbooks and eBooks are not different from the jamb, Waec, and Neco syllabus. You can download the syllabus in pdf format from the links provided below.

Jamb Syllabus Link

WASSCE Syllabus 2023/2024 (Read & Download PDF)

Below are the list of available West African Examination Council Syllabus;

Neco Syllabus Link

We will start by listing the subjects and then reviewing the best textbooks you can use for them. Kindly note that there is no form of affiliation or promotion in this. That is, none of these authors has paid us to tell you about these recommended books for Waec, Jamb, and Neco.

What we are doing is 100% free so that when you want to get books for your study, you won’t have to run after the wind.

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry
  5. Biology
  6. Literature
  7. Government
  8. Economics
  9. Commerce
  10. Financial Accounting

That is where we will be drawing the curtain, check back later for more subject reviews and the top textbooks you could use for study.

1. English

Invisible Teacher in English PDF:

FREE: Invisible Teacher in English by Dele Ashade PDF Download
  • I encountered a book called Invisible Teacher in English, its author is Dele Ashade. And so I will add it to this list of recommended textbooks for Waec, Jamb, and Neco in Pdfs download. This book deals specifically in Lexis, Structure, and Comprehension. Not really focused on Oral. What I will say is that this book is good at what it does, it does not only change my life but after a thorough go-through. I can boldly review that the book will be the best starting point for anyone facing English Language difficulties.

Dandy English textbook PDF:

FREE: Dandy English Textbook PDF Download
  • Dandy English textbook in pdf format is one of the best for GCE, WAEC, PREDEGREE, SSCE, JAMB UTME, POST-UTME, SAT, TOEFL at other English inclusive examinations. It is created by Uniben for their aspiring students, however, I have used and recommend it to other O Level students within the field and they have aced high in their respective exams.

Lexis and Structure by Ayo Bamgbose PDF: 

FREE: Lexis and Structure by Ayo Bamgbose PDF Download
  • Another English Textbook, also recommended by Jamb is Lexis and Structure by Ayo Bamgbose. It is Recommended Textbooks for Waec, Jamb, and Neco in Pdfs download As the name implies, it comprehensively covers a large area of grammatical aspects of English, and any student starting with this is definitely on the track.

The difference between the two books is that while the first one will teach you like you have a present teacher physically breaking down the complications of the English language, the latter will go in-depth into the analytical structure of analyzing both uses of prepositions and verbs.

A1 In English PDF:

FREE: A1 in English PDF Download
  • Also authored by Dele Ashade, the author of Invisible Teacher. The Linguist is of course, undoubtedly not only a sage but a great teacher and writer. The A1 is better for school leavers as it talks comprehensively from scratch in English and figures of speech. Typical for Beginners.

The Common Mistakes in English by TJ Fitikides and The Common Errors in English by David Jowitt PDF:

The Common Mistakes in English by TJ Fitikides pdf
  • The two books combined if used will dramatically change the life of its reader. No doubt, The Common Mistakes, and The Common Errors are very popular books and this is probably not the first time you are seeing the name. I used these books back then for my post-ume and they changed my narrative. It is 5 years now, and I still refer to the books for some minor complications, and slight mistakes you can make in writing.

The Common Error in English by David Jowitt

The Common Errors In English By David Jowitt & Silas Nnamonu PDF

2. Mathematics

Even though I’m not a science student, over the years. I’ve spent time with profound mathematics students ranging from basic mathematics to applied further mathematics and I’ve studied their wide request and how to judge and demand these books. I’ve spent not less than  5 years compiling their Common and recurrent request and I can say the books below are some of the best as far as Waec, Neco, and Jamb is concerned.

New General Mathematics SS1 – 3 PDF:

FREE: New General Mathematics for Senior Secondary School Download
  • One of the most popular, you’ve probably heard about it and used it. Yes, we can’t do without recommending this series as far as Waec, Jamb, and Neco is concerned. Fortunately, we’ve compiled the 3 classes together in pdf format at an affordable price. Do well to check the eStore to get yours downloaded into your device.

Lamlad Mathematics PDF:

Lamlad Mathematics Textbook PDF Download
  • You’ve probably heard about the Lamlad series, as one of the best. They are still on the market and the series which includes Lamlad Physics, Lamlad Chemistry, and Lamlad Biology is some of the best books you could encounter to ace your preparation for Jamb, Waec, and Neco. We’ve provided the downloadable pdf for Lamlad Mathematics in our eStore

Comprehensive Mathematics PDF:

Comprehensive Mathematics PDF Download
  • Comprehensive Mathematics, Aside from other mathematics textbooks is what I’ll also recommend. I’ve used it for several years and among its variations, it stands out and little wonder, it is used by different schools across the country. You can also check our eStore to download the pdf.

Jamb Remix Mathematics PDF:

JAMB Remix Mathematics PDF Download
  • Just like other remix series, Jamb Remix Mathematics picks topics by topic and helps solve and explain them by referring to Jamb Past Questions of different years. If you’re taking Jamb Mathematics, this is a book you must get. Trust me. You won’t want to miss it out. It will not only help you organize your learning progress but also refer to different years that that kind of question has been set by Jamb. And will give you an in-depth study.

Hidden Facts Mathematics PDF

Hidden Facts Mathematics PDF Download
  • Hidden Facts Mathematics may not be known by you. But this book is a grandfather of other Mathematics books I’ve come across so far. One of the most expensive textbooks out there. The hard copy is probably 4000N but we have the pdf available at 900N. The book brings out different Questions from Jamb, Waec, Neco, and GCE and explicitly solves them to their best. You will not want to miss it. It is highly recommended. Check our eStore to Cart it. Available in hardcopy and pdf.

Hidden Facts Further Mathematics PDF:

FREE: Hidden Facts Further Mathematics PDF Download
  • This textbook is a step further from normal Mathematics.  And just like the masterpiece, you will not want to miss this one especially if your course of study demands a high level of proficiency in mathematics or calculations. Check our eStore. It is available In pdf.

Project Further Mathematics (1-3) PDF

FREE: Project Further Mathematics (1-3) PDF
  • Just like the New General Mathematics, we’ve compiled the Project Further Mathematics in Pdf Format for your best use. It is a popular textbook in school that has spoken for its peculiarity. If you’re intending to improve your Mathematics in secondary school or above. It is a great shot. Download the pdf from our eStore at an affordable price.

Further Mathematics by PN LASSA PDF:

  • Yo! Another great tool to explore the art of Mathematics. You won’t want to miss this out. It is a book that many requests, I’d to create the pdf version and trust me. You will thank me for giving it a shot. Check our eStore.

Other great Mathematics textbooks are in progress, please check back later. If we’ve not mentioned the one you’re looking for. Use the comment section. We’ll keep fetching the pdf and compiling it for your guys.

3. Physics

Below are some of the best Physics textbooks and Past Questions you could use. Don’t sleep on it. We’re wishing you the best. All of these books are available for fast downloads on the website eStore.

Today’s Physics PDF

FREE: Today’s Physics pdf download
  • Yo! One of the greatest physics textbooks I have come across so far. Don’t doubt this, it is over 1000 solved questions from Waec, Jamb, and Neco Examinations questions of Physics. People who have now secured admission during their examination days always come asking for this book. So I thought it must be a good book and I had to research it. Trust me, the book is giant and remarkable. Quite expensive than others. Hardcopy should cost 3-4k. We have IT on the eStore.  It is a book I’ll give you 100% assurance of.

All-inclusive Physics PDF:

  • You have probably heard about this one. Yes, not popular for nothing. It is a book that includes everything you need to know about Physics. Over the years, people keep coming back to ask for the book. And clearly, I I tell you it’s one of the best textbooks out there to open your experience to a new field of knowledge.  Give it a shot and thank me later. It Is available on our eStore.

New School Physics Pdf

  • Largely used in secondary schools, widely comprehensively and all-inclusive. What’s more, if you’re intending to learn all through the process of Physics from SS1 to 3. Check this book up, trust us we have got the pdf copy In our eStore for your fast download. Don’t sleep on it. Wish you good luck with it.

Lamlad Physics pdf:

  • Lamlad series are one of the best out there, and we can’t do it without mentioning it. Over the years, it proves its reliability through its accuracy, relatability, updated and conciseness. If you’re finding short answers without exploring deep research textbooks into physics, Lamlad Physics is probably what I’ll recommend.  Also available on our eStore. 

First Year Lamlad Physics pdf:

  • This is a step forward.  Say Further Mathematics for Mathematics, First Year Lamlad Physics is A-Level and probably what you’ll be taught in your 100L in the University taking PHY101. So if you’re looking for a step forward into the study of Physics, check out the First Year Lamlad Physics. It is available on our eStore.

Hidden Facts Physics pdf:

  • Yo! Just like the Hidden Facts Mathematics,  Hidden Facts Physics is in its grandfather. If you’re looking to explore deep through deeply researched questions from Waec, Jamb, Neco, and Nabteb, or GCE, then this is for you. Quite expensive than others. But worth it. Trust me. It is like an encyclopedia. Check our eStore for fast downloads. Just 900N.

Principles of Physics by Nelkon Parker pdf:

  • Here is another great book we’ll include. If you’ve not seen Nelkon Parker Principles of Physics. You’ve probably not seen one of the best. Due to high requests, I’d to find it and fix it in. Check our eStore for a fast download.

Here, we’ll be putting a pause to it. Of course, we’ll come back later to update the list with more premium recommended books to use for your study especially for Jamb, Waec, Neco, Gce, Nabteb among others.

4. Chemistry

Below are some of the best books you will ever find for the Jamb, Waec, Neco Examinations, and even Post Jamb In Nigeria. Do well to get the pdf of these books on our eStore and scale your knowledge to the fullest.

Explicit Chemistry pdf:

  • Explicit Chemistry will always have answers to your questions. No matter that aspect of Chemistry.  It has helped solve different Jamb, Waec, and Neco past questions explicitly as it implies. This book was highly demanded in this previous exam as more than 80% of the science students request it which speaks highly of its valor. It’s the first on our list for Chemistry and it deserves that. Available on our eStore.

New School Chemistry pdf:

  • Popularly used in Secondary Schools and recommended by the Ministry of Education. If you’re intending to learn all about secondary school Physics in detail from A to Z. You may want to see this textbook. Available on our eStore.

Lamlad Chemistry pdf:

  • We will always mention Lamlad. Its Chemistry is one of the best out there, and you may want to look up a topic without deep study. It will help give explanation and solution. Available on our eStore.

Jamb Remix Chemistry pdf:

  • We go again. Jamb Remix series is one of the smartest books out there, especially if you’re intending to take Jamb. It is like a faster and shorter route to finding your answers to difficult topics and difficult questions you will not find in the normal Jamb Past Questions.

5. Biology

Yo! Most Science students love Biology as a subject. I’ve seen most science students say biology is their best subject, I’ve seen others say it is not.  You may not fall into this category because Biology as a subject has proven difficult for you over the year. Have you considered whether you’re the one that has not found the right resource for it? Or maybe the right textbook. This list below will open your eyes to a new reality of ourselves and it may only be your favorite.

Idodo Umeh College Biology pdf:

Profound, professional, and popular. It is one of the highest demanded books, quite large and remarkable.  If you are intending to know everything about Biology,  check our eStore. It’s available at an affordable price.

Explicit Biology pdf:

  • Explicit Textbooks are some of the greatest out there. This explicit textbook was personally requested by a group of students who said it is the best Biology textbook they have ever come across. Maybe exaggerated, but that speaks highly of it. Check our eStore. It’s available and affordable.

Modern Biology pdf

  • Popularly used in Secondary schools and recommended by the Ministry of Education. If you’re looking for a great textbook with a solid foundation in Biology. You may want to check this out, surely.  You’ll thank me later. Also available on our eStore.

Lamlad Biology pdf

  • Lamlad series are superb. And so is biology. You will want to check this out especially if you’re preparing for Jamb, Waec, and Neco.

  • Jamb Remix Biology pdf
    • Jamb Remix Series, Jamb Remix Biology will help you capture that topic and illuminate light into it. Especially that particular questions you don’t understand or know under what topic it falls. Jamb Remix Biology will give you the explanation drawing inference from other similar questions in Jamb Past Questions. I’ll call it Further Past Questions for Jambites. It is quintessential to passing your exams and you won’t want to leave it un-carted. Check our eStore, we got you covered. Suitable for GCE, WAEC, PREDEGREE, SSCE, JAMB UTME, POST-UTME, SAT, TOEFL at other English inclusive examinations

    Essential Biology pdf

    • There is a reason you know this textbook. Its popularity is due to its competence, and we cannot ignore it while recommending it. As its name implies, it essentially gives you the basics you need to pass your exams and will not bore you with redundant details. Also available on our eStore.

    Practical Biology by S. O Iloeje

    • For those who are interested in practicals. This textbook got you covered. It was recommended by a teacher of biology to his students, after asking a couple of other tutors. They said almost the same thing. And I think it’ll be great to include it on this list. If you’ve not checked it out, do well too. Available on our eStore.

    Kindly check back later, we know there are some books we have not mentioned in this list of recommended textbooks for Waec and Jamb which are also recommendable.

    6. Literature

    Here we are, in the art field and I am in the best position to recommend these books because I am not only an art student but have spent years within and with art students and I have known what materials and books work best for us.

    Exam Focus in Literature pdf:

    • You certainly would have heard about the Exam Focus Lit-In-English. If you using any text other than this, you may be missing some very important concepts and analyses on your literary texts. Recommended by the Ministry of Education, it has helped students with Waec, Jamb, and Neco or other SSCE exams over the years. We can’t do without adding it to the list of recommended textbooks for Waec and Jamb. And as an art student, I have not found any book better than this for literature and literary analysis. If you know of any, kindly recommend below. We have it in the eStore and do well to download the pdf before leaving. We have both the old syllabus and the new syllabus.

    Get Ready to Literature in English pdf:

    • I may not have to find Literature textbooks better than Exam Focus for Literature. But Get Ready Literature textbook is one textbook I can’t underrate. It is sophisticated enough with other even comprehensive information not mentioned in exam Focus. Although varies by edition, but it is one textbook that has find sometimes more interesting than Exam Focus in Lit-In-English. Check our eStore, available in pdf format.

    7. Government

    Comprehensive Government pdf:

    • When I was in SS3, my school recommendation was the Essential Government textbook. So that was what I bought and was using. Until many a time during an academic argument as we will always involve ourselves back then. My friends will begin mentioning things I don’t know and I will begin wondering where they got that from. Truth is, the Essential Government textbook is perfectly okay for your exams. But if you want to learn deeper into the study of Government for Waec, Neco, and jamb standard here in Nigeria. Starting with Comprehensive, I am talking from experience. This is not to ridicule Essential, as it does just what the name implies, it gives the basic points you need to know without wasting time. Check our eStore, it is available for download.

    Elements of Politics pdf:  

    • You probably don’t know about this. Although it is part of the Jamb and waec syllabus. It was later recommended by a friend of mine. After checking it out, I can only find a more detailed explanation on those contents I have read before and it was like a pro search into the things I have known. You should use this book only to supplement your learning and not as a major book. Check our eStore to download the pdf.

    Essential Government pdf:  

    • Recommended by Ministry of Education, and It was the book I started with. It laid my foundation to ace 84 in Government alongside other textbooks mentioned above. It is one of the greatest books to start with especially if you are taking the SSCE exams. Check our eStore for these books. Available in pdf format download.

    Round-Up Government pdf:

    • We are mentioning this book last because it contains some things which are not in the other books. I didn’t use it much, some schools recommend it and you shouldn’t rely on it alone. However, it contains some very important details which other books have overlooked. A perfect supplementary textbook I would say. Check our eStore and download the pdf version.

    For now, these are the books we will recommend. If you know a great which you think we have not mentioned. Please use the comment section as we will be updating this list and getting the PDFs created for your personal use.

    8. Economics:

    Check the list for the best Economics textbook you will find for use and don’t waste your money buying unproductive unpopular textbooks from your local bookshop.

    Comprehensive Economics pdf:

    • Comprehensive Economics is one of the best textbooks out there, I used it for a couple of years before changing subjects in my SS2. Better than Essential as I used both so that is the only textbook we will be mentioning in this category for now. Experts are doing research and we will certainly update the listing as time passes. Check our eStore to download the pdf.
    • (More coming soon)

    9. Commerce

    Here are some of the best Commerce textbooks you could use for your study to reduce the amount of time you would use and energy to learn. Remember a book speaks greatly of your understanding and knowledge and your understanding and knowledge are quintessential to your academic success.

    Essential Commerce pdf:

    • One of the most popular, yes. It is strongly part of the recommended textbooks for Waec and Jamb. It contains the best and straightforward details you would find for fast-tracking and optimizing your learning process. Commercial students and always speak highly of it. Little wonder it is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Jamb itself. Check our eStore for the pdf version.

    Comprehensive Commerce pdf:

    • Yo! Comprehensive editions always find their way in here, I am not a commercial student but this textbook is a substitution for the latter and you may want to choose this if you can’t find the latter textbook. Check our eStore for the pdf version.
    • (There is more, but these are two we will mention for now. If you are a commercial student and you think a particular textbook is great but we have not included it in the list. Do well to use the comment section, we will be updating this list as time goes on).

    Here are some of the recommended books for Commercial students and Accounting as a subject. Checking into these books may reduce the long-term stress you might waste on reading other books which may even prove abortive or little and less productive.

    Principles of Accounts for West Africa by J. S Etuk-Udo pdf:

    • Recommended by Ministry of Education. The book still holds its legacy due to its remarkable content and its overwhelming details. My mom said they used this book in her time and two other teachers recommended it in their mentions, then I truly noted it down as it must be featured a must-have book for students taking the Waec, Jamb, Neco, and other SSCE exams. Available on our eStore in pdf format. Feel free to download it.

    Essential Accounting pdf:

    • Also recommended. One of the most popular you may have come across with. Yes, If you have used this before, you should get it alongside the first one, it is certainly one of the best out there. One good thing about Essential textbooks is that they give the precise information a student needs to do well in his or her exams and that’s why they are always on the list. Available on our eStore, you should check it out.

    Don’t judge yet, this article may not include every textbook you think are the best and that is why we have you. Kindly do well to update it in the comment section as that will enable us to revise our listing and add them up.

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