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Hidden Facts Mathematics PDF Download

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Download Hidden Facts Mathematics PDF Format by following this process.

It brings out different Questions from Jamb, Waec, Neco, and GCE and explicitly solves them  You will not want to miss it. It is highly recommended.

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Detailed composition of Hidden Facts Mathematics PDF.

Firstly, it contains discussions, and illustrations in topics in the SS1 secondary mathematics syllabus. These  include:

  • Number and Numeration. Includes the Number Base System,Modular Arithmetic, Logarithms. Also, Sets. Algebraic Process,Next,Simple Equations and Variations. Next,Quadratic Equation.And also,Logical Reasoning .It also discusses:Geometry,Constructions,Geometry (Cont’d). And Proofs of Some Basic equations. Moving on to Trigonometric Ratios,Mensuration,Statistics. And lastly, Data Presentation.

Next, the book discusses with adequate explanations and illustrations , topics slated out for the SS2 Secondary Mathematics syllabus. These are;

  • To start with; Logarithms. Then, Approximations, Sequence and Series, Quadratic equation, Simultaneous linear and Quadratic Equations. And,Gradient of a Curve. Then moving on to Logical Reasoning (Revision). Next,Linear Inequalities,Algebraic Fractions,Chord Property and Circle Theorems. Also, Trigonometry. Moving , we have; Bearings,Measures of Central Tendency,Measures of Dispersion. Next,Histograms of Grouped Data (Revision),Cumulative Frequency graph. Also,Measures of central tendency for grouped data. Lastly, Probability.

Moving on , there are detailed and deeply explicit discussions on topics included in the SS3 Secondary Mathematics syllabus. These are:

  •  To Start with: Surds,Matrices and determinants, Logarithm. Moving on to: Arithmetic of finance,Longitude and latitude. Next, Application of Linear and quadratic equations to capital market etc.Then, Trigonometry Graphs of Trigonometric Ratios. Next,Surface Area and volume of sphere. And Coordinates geometry of straight lines. Next,Differentiation of Algebraic fractions. And lastly,Integration of simple Algebraic functions.

It is also very detailed with ample examples for each mathematical problem.

Here is the Table of Content so you can have a run through.


Chapter Topic
One Fractions and approximation
– Fractions
– Word problems in fractions
– Decimal and significant figures
– Percentage error
Two Commercial mathematics
– Ratio
– Percentages
– Loss
– Cost
– Joint cases
– Commission, depreciation, exchange
– Profit and loss
– Simple and compound interest
– Problems on simple interest
– Compound interest
Three Algebraic process
– Simple linear equation
– Expansion of Algebraic terms
– Coefficient of term in expansion
– Factorization
– Difference of two squares expressions
– Trinomial expression
– Simplification of algebraic fractions
– Substitution in algebraic expressions
– Undefined expressions
– Expression equals to zero
– Change of subject formula
– Cases involving indices
– Cases involving non-indices
Four Simultaneous linear equations
– Uniform coefficient problems
– Non-uniform coefficient problems
– Simultaneous linear equations in fractions
– Special cases in fractions
– Word problems
– Quadratic equation I
– Factorization method
– Completing the squares method
– Making a given expression a perfect square
– Formula method
– Quadratic word problems
– Simultaneous linear & quadratic equations
– Inequalities I
– Inequality combination and ranges
– Inequalities involving quadratic expression
– Representation of inequality in a number line
– Single inequality number line
– Double inequalities number line
– … (continues)
Five Indices and logarithm
– Laws of indices
– Indices involving numbers and their powers
– Indices in algebraic terms and algebraic powers
– Indices involving equations
– Indices involving simultaneous linear equations
– Indices involving quadratic equations
– Relationship between indices and logarithm
– Laws of logarithm
– Simplification in logarithm
– Change of base in logarithm
– Substitution in logarithm
– Working between indices and logarithm
– Simple logarithmic equation
– Logarithmic simultaneous linear equations
– Logarithmic quadratic equation
– … (continues)
Six Standard form & Logarithm II
– Standard form
– Addition & subtraction in Standard form
– Multiplication & division in Standard form
– Square root cases in Standard form
– Common logarithm
– Logarithm of numbers greater than one
– Logarithm of numbers less than one
– Problems on logarithm II
– … (continues)
Seven Number bases and surds
– Number bases
– Conversion from base ten to others
– Conversion of a given base to base ten
– Conversion of a given base number plus decimal to base ten
– Conversion from a non-base ten to another non-base ten
– Addition in bases
– Subtraction in bases
– Multiplication in bases
– Division in bases
– Problems of bases in equation form
– Problems of bases in simultaneous linear equations
– Miscellaneous problems
– Surds
– Addition, Multiplication & division in surd
– Rationalization of surds
– Simplification in surds
– … (continues)
Eight StatisticsI (Ungrouped data)
– Definition of terms
– Measure of central tendency
– Arithmetic mean
– Frequency mean
– Median
– Frequency median
– Mode
– Measure of spread
– Range
– Quartiles
– Mean deviation
– Variance and standard deviation
– Moving average
… (continues)
Nine Sets
– Types of sets
– Miscellaneous cases on measure of spread & location
– Relationship between sets
– Laws of sets
– Problems on number sets
– Venn diagram
– Number Venn diagram
– Venn diagram shading
– Two subsets problems
– Three subsets problems
… (continues)
Ten Probability
– Definition of basic terms
– General formula problems
– Theoretical probability
– Empirical(experimental) probability
– Addition rule
– Multiplication rule
– General problems on probability
… (continues)
Eleven Sequence (AP & GP) and series
– Arithmetic progression (AP)
– nth term of an AP
– Terms formula for particular AP
– Unknown a and d leading to equations
– Sum of an AP
– Geometric progression
– nth term of a GP
– Unknown a and r leading to equations
– Sum of a GP
– Sum to infinity
– Problems on sequence
… (continues)
Twelve Variation
– Direct variation
– Inverse variation
– Joint variation
– Partial variation
… (continues)

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