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ExplExplicit Chemistry(pdf)  will always have answers to your questions. No matter what aspect of Chemistry.

It has helped solve different Jamb, Waec, and Neco past questions explicitly ,as it implies.

Detailed composition of Explicit Chemistry (pdf):

Detailed discussions on topics in the SS1 chemistry syllabus. These include:

  • Introduction to Chemistry, Particulate Nature of Matter, and Particulate Nature of Matter II. Next is Valency, Oxidation Number, Ions and Radicals. Also ,Formulae and Equations. Moving on, we have Laws of Chemical Combination,Chemical Combination. Also, a discussion on Chemical Industries. Next, Gas Laws (Cont’d), Next,Standard Separation Techniques for Mixtures,Acids, Bases and Salts, and also Water. Also it includes Carbon and its Compounds and Chemical Industries.

Next, the text moves on to discussions on topics in the SS2 chemistry syllabus. These include:

  •  Firstly,ALKANOLS: Types and properties,
    Preparation and properties of alkanols
    Industrial production of alkanols by fermentation. Next is Etherification and
    Uses of alkanols
    Firstly, Periodic law, Blocks of elements:-
    Metals, non-metals, metalloids and transition metals. Then,Families: s-p-d-f (according to group I-VIII, i.e. group IA-Alkali
    metals, Group IIA – Alkali Earth
    and other family names).
  • WATER: Firstly, Structure of water,Solubility (Basic concepts: solute, solvent, solution).
    Then,Solubility of different substances. And Factors that affect solubility/uses of solubility curves.

, And so on.

Next it moves in to topics in the SS3 syllabus; these include:

  • METALS AND THEIR COMPOUNDS: Firstly,Metals: chemical characteristics, relative abundance. Next up, Compounds of metals. Then,Principles of extraction of metals: electrolysis, reduction of oxides, chlorides and sulphates.Next is :  The alkali metal (General properties). And also;Sodium:extraction of sodium properties of sodium and uses of sodium.

, And so many more

This book is highly recommended for the  JAMB exam and more than 80% of the science students request it which speaks of its quality and reliability.

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