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Lamlad Chemistry PDF Download

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Lamlad Chemistry is suitable WAEC, JAMB, NECO & POST JAMB. This will help give explanations and solution to problems.

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Lamlad chemistry PDF Download will always be exceptional.


Chapter Title Page
Preface Preface iv
1 Matter 1
2 Atomic Structure 20
3 Periodicity of Elements 33
4 Chemical Bonding 42
5 Descriptive Chemistry 58
6 Stoichiometry 88
7 Kinetic Theory of Matter and Gas Laws 120
8 Energetics 135
9 Chemical Kinetics 148
10 Chemical Equilibrium 161
11 Acids, Bases and Salts 178
12 Electrochemistry 196
13 Nuclear Chemistry 220
14 Introduction to Organic Chemistry 227
15 IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic Compounds 259
16 Hydrocarbons 275
17 Other Organic Families 302
18 Bifunctional Families and Organic Giant Molecules 331
19 Industrial and Environmental Chemistry 344
20 Experimental Chemistry 356
Model Matriculation Examination 1 386
Model Matriculation Examination 2 393
Model Matriculation Examination 3 400
Index 408

Most of us are familiar with the Lamlad textbooks series. And we can testify that they are some of the best textbooks in the market for the concerned subjects. The Lamlad Chemistry(pdf)  text is also, in the manner of Lamlad textbooks, one of the best out there. This text works for you whenever you may want to look up a topic without deep study. This will help give explanations and solutions to problems.

Lamlad chemistry pdf download would serve as a perfect supplementary text. Very suitable for revisions and quick references. This text, like all the others, is also on the list of recommended textbooks because it is based squarely on the Government approved syllabus for Secondary School chemistry.

This means that Lamlad chemistry pdf download contains discussions on all the topics which you would need to learn to pass your O’level examinations well.

The explanations contained in the Lamlad Chemistry (pdf) text are straight to the point, without boring you with so many details.

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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