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Comprehensive Mathematics PDF Download

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The comprehensive mathematics pdf download is a greatly effective in its content and use. Covering over series of topics other textbooks do not not touch at all. To fully cover the entire mathematics instruction. And  content of the New Nigerian Education Research and Development Council (NERDC) Mathematics Curriculum. The Syllabi of both West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and National Examinations Council (NECO).


Chapter Section Topic
1 1.1 Counting in different number bases
1.2 Binary system
1.3 Other number bases
1.4 Conversion of number bases
1.5 Addition and subtraction of number bases
1.6 Multiplication and division of number bases
1.7 Other cases of number bases
2 2.1 Fractions
2.2 Decimals
3 3.1 Ratios
3.2 Significant figures
3.3 Approximations
3.4 Standard form
3.5 Estimations
3.6 Proportions
3.7 Percentages
3.8 Percentage gain and loss
3.9 Percentage error
4 4.1 Squares and square roots
4.2 Reciprocals
4.3 Operations with surds
5 5.1 Laws of indices
6 6.1 Exponential functions
6.2 Use of logarithm and anti-logarithm tables
6.3 Logarithm of numbers greater than 1
6.4 Logarithm of numbers less than 1
7 7.1 Simple interest
7.2 Compound interest
8 8.1 Definitions and notations
8.2 Types of set
8.3 Relationship between sets
8.4 Universal set
8.5 Complement of a set
8.6 Difference of sets
8.7 Venn diagrams
9 9.1 Linear equations
9.2 Word problems leading to linear equations
9.3 Linear inequalities
9.4 Word problems leading to linear inequalities
9.5 Change of subject of a formula
10 10.1 Algebraic fractions
10.2 Fractions equal to zero
10.3 Undefined fractions
10.4 Factorization of quadratic expressions
10.5 Perfect square
10.6 Substitution and evaluation
11 11.1 Quadratic equation
11.2 Solutions of quadratic equation by factorisation
11.3 Construction of quadratic equation with given roots
11.4 Quadratic equation by completing the square method
11.5 Solutions of quadratic equations by formula
11.6 Simultaneous linear equations
11.7 Simultaneous equations – one linear one quadratic
11.8 Word problems leading to quadratic equations
11.9 Word problems leading to simultaneous equations
12 12.1 Use of graphs
12.2 The number line
12.3 Linear graphs
12.4 Inequality graphs
12.5 Graph of simultaneous equations
12.6 Travel graph
12.7 Gradients of a straight line and curve
13 13.1 Introduction
13.2 Direct variation
13.3 Inverse variation
13.4 Joint variation
13.5 Partial variation
14 14.1 Sequences
14.2 Series
14.3 Arithmetic progression (A.P.)
14.4 nth terms of an A.P.
14.5 Sum of terms in A.P.
14.6 Geometric progression (G.P.)
14.7 nth term of a G.P.
14.8 Sum of terms in G.P.
15 15.1 Sequences and series
15.2 The trigonometric ratios
15.3 Relations between the ratios
15.4 Ratios of special angles
15.5 Sine graph
15.6 Cosine graph
15.7 Tangent graph
16 16.1 Pythagoras theorem
16.2 Sine formula
16.3 Cosine formula
17 17.1 Trigonometry 2
17.2 Solutions of triangles
17.3 Angles of elevation and depression
17.4 Heights and distances
17.5 Bearings and distances
18 18.1 Definitions and nature of geometry
18.2 Angles on parallel lines
18.3 Theorems on triangles
18.4 Intercept theorems
18.5 Concept of similarity and congruency of triangles
19 19.1 Geometry 2
19.2 Properties of polygon

This Comprehensive Mathematics pdf download is a book preparing students the best possible chance of passing Mathematics courses in Senior Secondary Schools. As Ordinary Level, and also colleges entrance examinations such as Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), National Business & Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) and other similar institutions.

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The book focuses on the New Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) Syllabus. Which is recommended in schools and by other exam bodies.

It presents essential mathematics concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Also with ample exercise questions, illustrations and diagrams to help students mathematically understand each concept.

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