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To get the full past questions in Pdf Format. Call or Whatsapp Us on 08134857339

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BECE English Questions Objectives


INSTRUCTIONS: Answer all questions. Choose the correct options lettered A-E, the one that best answers each of the following questions and write out in your answer sheet the correct ‘letter’ only.

Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to each of the underlined words in nos. 1 -5.

1. The students were advised to register all the compulsory subjects in the examination.
A. easy
B. important
C. negligible
D. optional
E. unimportant

2. My father purchased various articles from the supermarket.
A. accepted
B. bought
C. destroyed
D. distributed
E. sold

3. The manager was prudent in his expenditure.
A. careful
B. extravagant
C. fearful
D. miserly
E. thoughtful

4. He intentionally hid the documents from his secretary.
A. accidentally
B. careful
C. foolishly
D. willingly
E. wisely

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5. Ese’s flamboyance often keep people wondering.
A. arrogance
B. stupidity
C. modesty
D. pretension
E. timidity

Choose from the list of words lettered A-E, the option which is nearest in meaning as the words or group of words underlined in sentences 6-10.

6. Only one little girl witnessed the accident.
A. explained
B. heard
C. knew
D. proclaimed
E. saw

7. Her eloping with the man is a stigma to the family.
A. calamity
B. disgrace
C. disaster
D. glery
E. pride

8. Ada was compelled to marry Austin.
A. assisted
B. deceived
C. forced
D. frustrated
E. intimidated

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9. The speaker was given an ovation after his speech.
A. an applause
B. a certificate
C. a criticism
D. an encouragement
E. a standing fan

10. He apologized for being unable to recall my name.
A. call
B. echo
C. remember
D. repeat
E. spell


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BECE English Essay Questions.

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i. Attempt all questions.
ii. All questions carry equal marks. Credit will be given for clear and orderly presentation of facts.
iii. Answer questions 1,2,3 and 4.
iv. Answer one question from Nos. 5-9.
v. Answer one question from Nos. 10-13.
vi. Answer one question from Nos. 14 – 21.

1. In not more than one page, write a letter to your friend in another school telling him/her three ways you are preparing for your forth-coming examination.
2. In not more than one page, write an essay on the topic: ‘My father’s house’.

3. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follows.

As a little child, I used to admire the strength and courage with which my grandfather carried out the difficult task of tilling the farm. Most surprising was the fact that he usually slept on his farm and even worked there on such an important day as the first day of the year, but the majority of his counterparts observed theirs with eating and drinking.

For the fact that I hated farm work, my grandfather has always wanted to deal with, me at the slightest opportunity. So, a day came when I had responded to his call for assistance in harvesting the tubers of yams on his farm. Ignorantly, I had abandoned that task as soon as we arrived at the farm and went on a hunting game of birds. As I attempted to catch each bird, it would sing melodiously and off it flew to another tree.

I was deriving great pleasure from my hide and seek game with the birds, but unknown to me, I went further into the bush with each step I took. Before I could realize the distance I had covered and trace my way back to the farm, darkness suddenly arrived like a thief.

A. What amazed the writer most about his grandfather’s love for farming?
B. What was the writer supposed to do the farm oh t that particular day?
C. Why did the writer abandon his work on the farm?
D. Why couldn’t the writer catch any bird?
E. darkness suddenly arrived like a thief. What figure of speech is this?

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