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Read/Download BECE Past Questions for Business Studies Free Online

Ministry of Basic Education
Examination Board
2018 Basic Education Certificate Examination

Attempt all Question

You are advised to work completely on your own

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BECE Business Studies Objective Question for JSS3 2018 Extract

1. Which of these is not a chain of distribution?
A. Consumer
B. Importer
C. Producer

2. The means of conveying goods and people from one place to another is
A. communication.
B. information.
C. production.
D. transportation.

3. The type of advertising used when new products are introduced into the market is referred to as ….advertising.
A. competitive
B. direct
C. indirect
D. information

4. Which of these is a type of motor vehicle insurance?
A. Comprehensive
B. Coverage
C. Endowment
D. Premium

5. Which of these services does a teacher give?
A. Commercial
B. Direct
C. Exchange
D. Indirect

6. The industry that converts raw materials into finished goods is known as a….
A. commercial industry.
B. constructive industry.
C. extractive industry.
D. manufacturing industry.

7. The private limited liability company has a minimum of…. members.

8. The profits of a co-operative society is shared according to…..
A. amount of sales made.
B. capital contributed.
C. members purchase.
D. loan and over drapt.

9. The person who buys goods and services by himself/herself is called .
A. consumer.
B. distributor.
C. retailer.
D. wholesaler.

10. Which of the following is not a commercial bank.
A. Access bank
B. Central bank
C. Citibank
D. Ecobank

11. There are_____consonants in Shorthand.
C. 18
D. 24

12. The vowels in shorthand are…. in numbers.
C. 18
D. 24

13. A vowel in pitman shorthand is either long or
A. curved
B. flatten
C. short
D. slant

14. An outline with a first place vowel is written
A. above the line.
B. below the line.
C. under the line.
D. through the line.

15. When phrasing, “L” stroke is used to represent the “ word….
A. wall.
B. well.
C. will.
D. wipe.

16. The second group of Consonants are these.
A. f,v th,Th,s, zI,sh, zh
C. s,zh,v,w,th,ch,j,h
D. Th,z,sh,v,f,j,p,bp

17. The way of joining two or more words together is called
A. drawing
B. grouping
C. outlining
D. phrasing

18. An outline with a vowel after a horizontal stroke is written
A. above.
B. below.
C. through.
D. under.

19. The vowel ‘aw’ is a long vowel written as a….
A. heavy dash
B. heavy dot
C. light dash
D. light dot

20. The combination of two vowel sounds to form a single sound is called….
A. diphthong.
B. drawing.
C. grouping.
D. phrasing.

21. The room in an organization where clerical activities take place is known as….
A. Church
B. Counter
C. Dance hall
D. Office

22 …….is the process of separating office letters.
A. Hearing
B. Mailing
C. Sorting
D. Zebra

23. Inward books are for recording letters.
A. incoming
B. just
C. sorting
D. tom

24. _______is a document issued when one person sells goods to another.
A. Agent
B. House list
C. Invoice
D. Optional

25. The machine used in printing stamps on envelopes is known as….
A. Computer machine.
B. Franking machine.
C. Perforator machine.
D. Printing machine.

26. Mention the two main classification of an office….
A. large and small offices.
B. large and up offices.
C. small and center offices.
D. small and fine offices.

27. Which of these staff does the filing and mailing in an office?
A. Apprentice
B. Clerk
C. Gardener
D. Typist

28. The following information is found in an office visitor’s book except….
A. date of birth.
B. date of visit.
C. purpose of visit.
D. time of visit.

29. Which of these document is issued after payment is made?
A. Certificate
B. Money
C. Photocopy
D. Receipt

30. The Department that is headed by financial controller is known as ….
A. Accounting department.
B. Biometric department.
C. Marketing department.
D. Store department.

31. The book which records receipts and payments of money in cash or cheque is known as ….
A. bank statement.
B. cashbook.
C. cheque book.
D. credit book.

32. A document issued as an evidence of payment is called a….
A. cheque.
B. credit note.
C. debit note
D. receipt.

33. A document sent by a seller to a customer when the customer is under charge is called
A. cheque.
B. credit note.
C. debit note.
D. invoice.

34. The basic rule in book keeping that every debit entry must have a corresponding …. entry.
A. cheque
B. cash
C. credit
D. double

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35. Book-keeping could best be described as the art of
A. keeping books together
B. book building
C. building up an account
D.keeping records to show the financial position of a business.

36. The document used to correct errors in the ledger is
A. cash book.
B. journal paper.
C. return outward journal.
D. return inward journal.

37. The document that is used to record any money received and paid out within a period of time is….
A. Cashbook.
B. Debit note.
C. Double column.
D. Journal.

Business Studies BECE Past Questions Theory 2018 Extract


1. a. Define Production.
b. Name four factors of Production.
c. Explain two factors of Production and give two examples each.

2. a. Define Commercial Bank,
b. List two functions of a Commercial Bank.

1. Arrange the following in Tabular form using three columns for
i) Serial number
ii) Name
iii) Address

Junior WAEC Past Questions Answers on Business Studies

1. B

2. D

3. D

4. A

5. D

6. D

7. A

8. B

9. A

10. B

11. D

12. A

13. C

14. A

15. C

16. A

17. D

18. B

19. A

20. A

21. D

22. C

23. A

24. C

Junior WAEC Business Studies Theory Answers


1a. Production can be defined as the conversion of raw materials into finished goods, the distribution of goods, and the rendering of services to satisfy human wants and needs.
b. Factors of production
i. Land iii. Capital
ii. Labour iv. Entrepreneur

ci. Land is refers to every free gift of nature. It refers to every resource that was not created by > man. Although man replenishes some resources provided by nature they are regarded still as free gifts of nature,

ii. Labour refers to the physical and mental effort that is contributed by humans in the production of goods and services.

iii. The entrepreneur is an organizer. He is the person who organizes production by bringing together the other three factors of production -land, labor, and capital – to earn a profit.

iii. Capital refers to artificial resources that are used in starting or expanding the production of goods and services. It refers to any form of man’s wealth that is set aside for the production of more wealth. The reward for capital is interest. Examples of capital are machines and factories.

2a. A commercial bank can be defined as a financial institution that is established to provide services such as accepting of deposits, granting of loans, safekeeping of valuables, etc. to individuals and organisations for the purpose of making a profit,
b. Functions of commercial bank

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