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Download JSS3 Basic Science Past Questions and Answer for Junior WAEC

Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 12:41 pm

Do you require the BECE Basic Science past questions and answers for the JSS3 Basic Education Certificate Examination?

The Junior WAEC Basic Science and Theory Questions and Answers are available for download.

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JSS3 Basic Science Past Questions and Answer for Junior WAEC

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Ministry of Basic Education
Examination Board
2018 Basic Education Certificate Examination

Attempt all Question

You are advised to work completely on your own

INSTRUCTION: From the options lettered A-D, choose the word that is correctly used to fill in the blank spaces.

BECE Basic Science Objectives Questions 2018 Extract

To get the full past questions in Pdf Format. Call or Whatsapp Us on 08134857339

1. Radioactivity is the spontaneous …. of the nuclei of some elements to give off radiation in the form of particles of rays.
A. aggregation
B. disintegration
C. formation
D. integration

2. Sound is produced by….
A. bright source of light.
B. stationary material objects with wide surfaces.
C. vibrating particles carrying electric charges.
D. vibrating surfaces of material objects.

3. Which of the following is NOT a types of skill?
A. Desktop publishing and networking
B. Farming
C. Internet browsing
D. Walking and crawling

4. Materials that do NOT allow electric current to pass through them are called electrical….
A. conductors.
B. insulators.
C. loads.
D. resistors.

5. Electricity is usually obtained from….
A. battery or cell.
B. electric light bulb.
C. electric motor
D. good electrical conductors.

6. The region around a magnet within which magnetic force of attraction or repulsion can be felt is called magnetic….
A. field.
B. flux.
C. polarity.
D. space.

7. The live wire in an electrical circuit is at a …. than the neutral wire.
A. equal potential
B. higher potential .
C. lower potential
D. similar potential

8. Pollution is an example of….
A. right application of science.
B. wrong application of science.
C. both right and wrong application of science.
D. eating raw food at night.

9. Glass is made from one of the following solid materials.
A. Gold
B. Limestone
C. Sand
D. Salt

10. Agricultural use of land include all the following EXCEPT….
A. animal farming.
B. crop farming.
C. farm settlements
D. road construction.

11. Which of the following is NOT an example of string instrument?
A. Trumpet
B. Harp
C. Violin
D. Viola

12. Which of these statement is NOT correct about | family trait?
A. Family traits could be dominant or recessive
B. Family traits are transmittable
C. Family traits are passed from one sibling to another
D. Family traits are use to trace siblings

13. Soil erosion can be defined as….
A. addition of humus to the soil.
B. addition of top soil.
C. it is the removal of the top soil.
D. it is the breaking of rocks.

14. Which of the following will not cause flooding?
A. Dam wall bursting
B. Planting crops in terraces
C. Strong winds in coastal areas
D. Rivers over flowing in flood plains

15. Deforestation is the process of ….
A. cutting down of forest and wood.
B. converting plants to sand.
C. inducing forest into trees.
D. planting grasses.

16. One drastic effect of deforestation on the environment is….
A. it increases the number of trees to grow.
B. it increases the growth of animals in forest.
C. it leads to extinction of animals and plants.
D. it provides shelter for hunters.

17. Desertification is formed when there is….
A. constant rainfall.
B. continuous sunlight.
C. continous hamattan
D. persistent rain failure.

18. The following are adverse effects of drug abuse EXCEPT…
A. depression.
B. damaged nostrils and lungs.
C. hallucination.
D. healing.

19. Which of those government organization apprehends drug carriers?

20. The following are example of fruits EXCEPT….
A. apple.
B. banana.
C. jute.
D. orange.

21. In order to live and grow well, the body needs….
A. balanced diet.
B. good posture.
C. regular make-up.
D. regular taking.

Basic Science for JSS3 Essay Questions


INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions. All questions carry equal marks.
1. (a) Define energy.
(b) List four forms of energy.
(c) If an object of mass 12kg is moving at a velocity of 5m/s, calculate the kinetic energy.

2. (a) Define petrochemicals.
(b) Give three examples of the by-products of petrochemicals.
(c) Outline two importance each of petrochemicals and crude oil to Nigeria.

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Junior WAEC Basic Science Objective Answers 2018

1. B
2. D
3. D
4. B
5. A
6. A
7. B
8. B
9. C

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