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Download JSS3 Civic Education Past Questions and Answer for Junior WAEC

Last updated on August 19th, 2022 at 01:00 pm

Do you require the BECE Civic Education past questions and answers for the JSS3 Basic Education Certificate Examination?

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Download JSS3 Civic Education Past Questions and Answer for Junior WAEC

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Ministry of Basic Education
Examination Board
2018 Basic Education Certificate Examination

Attempt all Question

You are advised to work completely on your own

INSTRUCTION: From the options lettered A-D, choose the word that is correctly used to fill in the blank spaces.

BECE Civic Education Objectives Questions 2018 Extract

1. Citizenship could be said to be….
A. being a member of a nation.
B. being a member of a club.
C. being a member of a school.
D. being a member of an NGO.

2. One of the following is not a duty of a citizen in Nigeria.
A. Obedience
B. Tax evasion
C. Decence of the nation
D. Giving evidence in law court.

3.How many states were created by General Sani Abacha?
A. six
B. ten
C. seven
D. Nine.

4. The three-ties of government in Nigeria are….
A. federal, executive and legislature.
B. state, local government and judiciary.
C. executive, legislature and judiciary.
D. federal, state, local government.

5.The second tier of government in Nigeria is the….
A. district.
B. state.
C. federal
D. Nigeria.

6. One of the attributes of a bad citizen is….
A. loyalty.
B. hardwork.
C. patriotism.
D. partiality.

7. Which of the following symbols is not recognized in Nigeria?
A. State religion
B. National anthem
C. Nigerian coat of arms
D. National flag

8. The limitation on the right to life can be found….
A. in the executive.
B. among the people.
C. in the case of convicted
D. in the government.

9. The individual’s rights are usually written in the….
A. draft books.
B. law books.
C. constitution.
D. logbooks.

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10. Which of the following groups of words appears on the second line of the national pledge?
A. Faith, loyal and honest
B. God, help and defend
C. Glory, loyal and honour
D. Unity, honour and glory.

11.The colour of Nigeria passport is….
A. yellow.
B. green.
C. Blue.
D. black.

12 is not a type of leadership.
A. Traditional leadership
B. Leadership based on legality
C. Selection leadership
D. Family leadership.

13. Federation can be define as a system of government where…. among the levels….. of government.
A. power is shared
B. duty is shared
C. justice is shared
D. money is shared

14. Self-employment projects include the following except….
A. teaching.
B. tailoring.
C. carpentry.
D. fashion designer.

15. Nigeria operates a…. system of government.
A. federal
B. local
C. regional
D. state

16. A group of States that are united under one federal government is called….
A. executive.
B. federal.
C. Local government.
D. state government.

17. Northern and Southern protectorates were amalgamated by….
A. Buhari Mohammed
B. MarySlesor
C. Mongo Park
D. Sir Lord Lugard

18.What is a Federation?
A. Political structure whereby National Government has absolute power.
B. Process of establishing democratic governance
C. Set of rules and principles that determine how a state should be governed.
D. System of Government where the three Tiers of Government share power

19 … a formal document which contains a body of laws and rules through which affairs of a country are governed.
A. Rule of law
B. Constitution
C. Bye-law
D. Penal code

20. The rights of the individual are usually written in the….
A. constitution.
B. convention.
C. law books.
D. logbook.

21. One of the duties of the Nigerian Police Force is….
A. embarrassing the people.
B. collect money from motorist.
C. committing crime.
D. curbing.

22. Law is the…. and…. contained in the constitution and serves as guide to government.
A. government and guide
B. recognized and rules
C. regulation and registration
D. rules and registration

23….branch of government is responsible for implementing law.
A. Executives B. Judiciary
C. Legislature D. Public service commission
A voter is a person who is …. to cast vote during general elections.
A. counting B. eligible C. encouraging
D. ineligible

24. The chief executive of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is called the….
A. chairman.
B. director generation.
C. directorgeneral.
D. leader.

25. The democratic way of selecting a leader is through…
A. coercion.
B. election.
C. imposition.
D. inheritance

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Civic Education for JSS3 Essay Questions

1. (a) Explain the meaning of Federation.
(b) State four needs for federation.

2. Write the full meaning of the following:
(i) CLO
(ii) NLC
(iii) TUC
(iv) CD

3.(a) What is the Meaning of Electoral Malpractice?
(b) Identify two ways to prevent Electoral Malpractice.

4. Write short note on the following:
i. Commitment
ii. Tolerance
iii. Obedience
iv. Fairness
v. Discipline

5. (a) Define election.
(b) State four importance of election in Nigeria

To get the full past questions in Pdf Format. Call or Whatsapp Us on 08134857339

Junior WAEC Civic Education Objective Answers 2018


To get the full past questions in Pdf Format. Call or Whatsapp Us on 08134857339

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