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Top 5 Poems On Poemxtra

Last updated on October 8th, 2022 at 10:09 am

Poetry is an aspect of literature which looks into the composition of verses to exhibit conscious attention to certain situations. Poems in poetry are used by poets to show their imaginations, express their feelings, communicate with their readers, and promote the artistic quality of literature.

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Poems can either be fictional or non-fictional depending on the writer’s power of imagination. However, most poems (though fictional) tend to affect a person’s life in one way or the other. The rhythm, use of language, setting, and theme of a poem shows the versatility of a writer.

There is virtually nothing a writer cannot relate to in his poems or discuss with his beautiful verses. Ranging from societal values to object descriptions, poets are blessed with the ability to view things beyond the human perspective.

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There have been many exceptional people who had contributed to the development of poems in the world such as Niyi Osundare, Williams Shakespeare, etc and their great pieces of writing can never be forgotten. Thus, the need for us to appreciate poems in our everyday reading activities.

One of the best websites to do this is Poemxtra without paying a dime. The website also provides you with some amazing stories and biographies of some great poets around the globe. You can also utilize the other sections available on the website to develop your writing skills and overall academic performance.

Here are some of the best poems available on PoemXtra that you can check out:

Journey Of A Man 

Journey of a man is focused on the different levels of development in a human’s life and describes this in a more enjoyable poetic form. Here is a snippet from the poem:

A tiny-tailed organism runs to the ovary

To go through a process called fertilization

Then developed into the zygote

To be later raised into an embryo

Nine months later

The mother is said to be in labour

She pushes with all her strength

You can read the full poem here

A Bend In The Road

A Bend In The Road consists of two poems; one from the legendary Helen Steiner Rice and the other from Ramon Yusuf. The two poems follow the same themes and aim to serve as a motivation to those who are down. Here is my best piece from the version of Ramon Yusuf:

Life, we know, is not a bed of roses

Disappointments are bound to happen

Being optimistic does not guarantee success

Expect disappointment, and you will never be disappointed

Continue reading at

Tunes Of The Night

Tunes Of The Night comes from a not-so-prominent poet on the platform, John Jnr and holds a prominent place in my heart. The poem describes lullabies and how they make babies feel. Lest I forget, kudos to the commentator who also does a great job producing a beautiful analysis of the poem.

The best part of the poem goes thus;

The song of lullabies

It’s the same every night

But they never get old

Instead, they are always more refreshing than the last

Read Tunes Of The Night here

Love At First Sight

This is an outstanding piece of work by Micheal Victor as he narrates his first-time ordeal with a woman he fantasizes about. The poem appears more of a tragicomedy which makes it more exciting to read and certainly worth the time. My best part is quite the womanly aspect you know and goes thus;

Her torso drives my medulla from nine to zero

Now it seems I have lost control

Though it was my first encounter

She appears to be like an empress

Read the full version of love at first sight here

Roses Are Red

We will round off today’s list with another amazing poem by Micheal Victor, Roses are red. The poem sounds a bit musical during recitation and should capture her heart for you. The concluding part of the poem appears the most appealing to me and I will share it here.

Roses are red

Measure its strength

Violets are blue

And I belong to you

Enjoy the complete version of Roses are red here


That is it for today on appreciating the works of poets. However, poems might appear to you as nothing but just a compilation of words until you try composing one yourself.

You should also endeavour to check out some of the poems we recommended on today’s best poem website and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  

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