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This is a well known text. It’s popularity is due to its competence, and we cannot ignore it while recommending Biology textbooks. As its name implies, it essentially gives you the basics you need to pass your exams and will not bore you with redundant details.

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The Tonad Essential Biology Textbook PDF is authored by M. C Michael and it is designed for SSCE Students: WAEC, JAMB, POST JAMB and other O Level Exams. This product will show you how to download the Biology textbook in pdf format. 

Why Choose the Essential Biology Textbook in PDF?

This essential biology textbook pdf will help you with both the elementary aspect of Biology to Advanced, especially if you’re in Nigeria, hence this is the official OLevel recommended Essential Biology Textbook PDF Nigeria for Senior Secondary School. It can be read like an app on your mobile phone, so it is like you’re installing Essential Biology Textbook in apk format. 

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  • SS1 Biology Study of the skeletal system, respiratory system, and plant and animal classifications.
  • SS2 Biology syllabus: Nutrient cycles, digestive and transport systems, respiratory systems, and more.
  • SS3 Biology syllabus: Development of new seeds, reproductive behavior, ecology, and evolution.

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The Essential Biology discusses these topics alongside others

The Carbon Cycle

Discover the complex series of processes that constitute the carbon cycle, a vital component of all known life, involving the movement of carbon through the biosphere, atmosphere, oceans, and geosphere.

Digestive System

Understand how the digestive system’s organs work in unison to convert food into energy and essential nutrients, passing through the alimentary canal or the GI tract.

Regulatory Mechanisms

Regulatory mechanisms are crucial for maintaining homeostasis, including temperature regulation, pH balance, and glucose levels, with the human body maintaining a constant temperature of around 37°C.


Ecology examines the interactions among organisms and their environment, covering ecosystems, food chains, biogeochemical cycles, and biodiversity—key to addressing environmental challenges.

Heredity and Evolution

Heredity is the transmission of traits from parents to offspring, leading to variations that are fundamental to the process of evolution—the change in heritable characteristics over generations.

Taxonomic Rank: A Quick Reference


DomainBacteria, Archaea, Eukarya
KingdomAnimalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protista, Archaea, Bacteria
PhylumChordata, Porifera, Arthropoda
ClassMammalia, Aves, Reptilia
OrderPrimates, Carnivora, Rodentia
FamilyHominidae, Felidae, Canidae
GenusHomo, Felis, Canis
SpeciesHomo sapiens, Felis catus, Canis lupus


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