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Chemistry is fascinating, especially when preparing for UTME/SSCE exams. “Understanding Chemistry” is a fantastic resource that has been helping students since its publication in 2012. Written to meet the 2009 revised chemistry curriculum requirements, it’s perfect for those prepping for the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO).

Why This Book?

The author, Godwin O. Ojokuku, aimed to make chemistry accessible and interesting. He connects chemistry with other sciences like math and technology, showing its real-world applications. Simple English is used throughout to avoid confusion and make the content approachable for all students.

Highlights of “Understanding Chemistry”

Here’s a sneak peek at the book’s content:

  • Introduction to Chemistry: Basic overview of matter and its changes.
  • Nature of Matter: Fundamentals of substances.
  • Separation Techniques: Methods to isolate components of mixtures.
  • Atomic Structure: Composition of matter at the atomic level.
  • The Periodic Table: Organizing elements by properties.
  • Chemical Combinations: How elements form compounds.
  • Chemical Formulae – IUPAC Nomenclature: Naming chemical compounds.
  • The Mole Concept: Quantifying chemical amounts.
  • Types of Chemical Reactions: Synthesis, decomposition, and more.
  • Behavior of Gases: Properties and behavior of gases.
  • Behavior of Liquids and Solids: Characteristics of liquids and solids.
  • Air and Air Pollution: Composition of air and effects of pollutants.
  • Water – Hardness – Pollution: Water quality, hardness, and pollution.
  • Acids and Bases: Properties of acidic and basic substances.
  • Salts – Ionic Reactions: Formation of salts through ionic reactions.
  • Volumetric Analysis: Quantitative volume-based analysis.
  • Solubility – Solubility Curves: Dissolution ability and trends.
  • Energy Effects – Energetics: Energy changes in reactions.
  • Rates of Chemical Reactions: Speed of reactions.
  • Chemical Equilibrium: Balancing forward and reverse reaction rates.
  • Ionic and Solubility Equilibria: Equilibria involving ions and solubility.
  • Ionic Theory: Behavior based on ion movement.
  • Redox Processes: Electron transfer reactions.
  • Wave-Particulate Nature of Matter: Matter as waves and particles.
  • Periodic Properties of Atoms: Patterns in atomic properties.
  • Shapes of Molecules: Molecular geometry.
  • Radioactivity and Nuclear Reactions: Radioactive decay and nuclear changes.
  • The Solar System: Overview of our solar system.

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