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Last updated on January 9th, 2024 at 10:56 am

Currently as at 1/9/2024, Jamb Reprinting is not allowed until Jamb Registration is completed and examination is about to commence. Read about Jamb Registration and Examination Commencement date.

You can check your primary to determine if JAMB delivered your slip to your email address. Because Jamb often prefers to notify by the letter ‘

If this is the case, you should download the file, move it to a computer, and connect your computer to the printer before printing.

Let’s examine some methods for rapidly printing your slip.

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Method 1:

That’s all

Method 2:

  • Click on the Jamb Reprinting portal @
  • Enter the Jamb registration number, Email, or SMS
  • Re-Print Jamb slip.

How Print JAMB Exam Slip

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The Unified Postsecondary Matriculation Examination (UTME), often known as JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board), is the national authority responsible for administering a valid examination for students seeking admission to any Nigerian tertiary institution.

This organization was established in 1978 as the Nigerian Entrance Examination Board for tertiary institutions.

Typically, the examination registration occurs at the JAMB office in the beginning. Later, the registration e-pin may be obtained at Post Offices, Banks, and JAMB Offices around the country.

After obtaining your e-pin, you can register for online services at any internet service provider or cyber café.

As time passed and educational system fraud grew widespread, Biometry data, including face and fingerprint, were added to the registration criteria.

This measure restricted registration to cafes or business centers using biometric equipment.

Recently, business centers and cyber cafes lost all registration authority, leaving CBT Centres as the sole authorized registration location for the Examination.

At each of the aforementioned phases, students always print an examination slip indicating their eligibility to sit for tests.

Prior to around four or five years ago, the JAMB did not implement duplicate printing of exam slips.

When is Jamb Reprinting starting

JAMB has announced the latest commencement date for the Reprinting of the 2023/2024 UTME Exam Slip.

This means that  JAMB Reprinting will start officially a few days to exam from a week before the exam.

Jamb Re-Print Dates
Jamb 2023 Reprinting would start from  (7 Days to Jamb)

Jamb slip reprinting date 2023/2024

JAMB will issue a notice to all candidates of this year’s UTME test, informing them of the exact date and time reprinting will begin…

Should you not get yours by mail or SMS, you can reprint your jamb slip with the help of this article.

The Jamb slip reprinting date for 2021 has not yet been determined, but we will update this site with the most recent information on the JAMB UTME SLIP reprinting date.

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Reason for Introducing Examination Slip Reprinting

If there is no justification, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board will not alter the standard examination procedure. This is because the examination is now susceptible to so many malpractices.

To combat this cruel crime, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has decided to withhold candidates’ examination location, date, and time.

Another rationale for requiring JAMB candidates to reprint their exam slips is to ensure that the top candidates are placed in the available CBT centers.

There have been instances in which students arrive at their examination site to discover that it is full and cannot accommodate all the applicants assigned to them.

Consequently, throughout the registration and release of the new slip, they would have meticulously confirmed and observed that no center gets more patients than its capacity.

How To Reprint Your Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination Slip 2023/2024

After successfully registering for your JAMB Exam, you will print a temporary examination slip. However, JAMB will update your profile with a fresh examination slip that includes your examination location, date, and time.

Afterward, they (JAMB) will publish the reprinting date or send it to the candidates’ registered email addresses.

How To Carry Out Your Reprinting Without Email Notification

To address the issue of candidates who do not get an email, the Examination Board will publish the examination slip to the candidate site so that applicants can print it from there.

You must first use your phone to check if the slip is already on your gateway. After that, you may reproduce the document at a cyber café or business center with Internet access.

The following processes will result in a successful reprinting of a JAMB exam slip;

How to print a JAMB SLIP from the JAMB website

Visit the JAMB homepage at

Enter your details

Input your email address (the one you used to register) or your Registration number in the corresponding section.

When you select “Print Examination Slip,” your slip will appear on the computer screen.

If your system prompts you to “enable popups from this site in your browser,” the steps following will assist you.

Choose stance, then click “allow popups for” Then your slip will be presented instantly in a new tab, and you may print it.

Once you have verified the email from JAMB, it will often arrive as a PDF attachment. It is stored with the label “JAMB registration number.”
After discovering the content, download it to your computer or mobile device so that you may access it offline. Connect your device to your printer (if you have one) and print it immediately at home.

If you do not have access to a personal printer, you will need to visit a cybercafé or business center.
You can also visit a business center without an internet connection; simply connect the device containing your slip to the computer at the business center and send it through USB, xender, or another manner. There, you may print your boarding pass.

It is recommended that you duplicate the test slip since JAMB will take one copy at your examination center and keep the second copy with you for future reference.

How to Reprint Your Jamb Slip Using Your JAMB Profile

Visit to access your jamb profile.

Here is what you should search for: “e-Facility Account/Login”; click that link.

Enter your email address and password to log in.

This link “Re-print your JAMB slip” is of particular relevance; thus, seek for a link with that title and click on it.

Enter your JAMB enrollment number and print your slip.

If possible, print everything in color.

JAMB RePrint Portal

You may always print your JAMB slip from the jamb webpage a few days before the exam.

The reprinting of jamb slips is free. Importantly, you may use the site at your convenience and view your exam date, time, and location.

Always keep in mind that your jamb reissued slip will have all the pertinent exam details. It will be quite annoying if you cannot access all of this information.

  • I have not seen my jamb center
  • How can I verify my JAMB exam date and location?
  • Jamb test schedule and how to verify my exam date
  • Jamb has not supplied my examination location for 2022/23
  • I Cannot Remember My Email Password
  • Have you forgotten the password you created during account creation? Here is a simple approach to regaining full access to the account by immediately creating a new password.

Simply click RESET/FORGOT Password when you get at the login screen. This website should allow you to reset your password with a new one.

Still unable to access your email account! Still Unsure of the Possible Cause?

It’s possible that the email address or password associated with your Jamb profile was not entered correctly. Check to see if you’re missing anything. If the problem persists, the solution provided above is a short fix.

Jamb Error Occurred In My Email

It is possible that you or JAMB made a mistake with respect to your email.

Please note that you may also attempt to reproduce the email address exactly as it appears on your receipt. Rather of [email protected], use [email protected].

According to your slip. You cannot easily generate a new email address such as [email protected].

However, there are instances in which this email address may have been compromised, leaving you with little choice except to contact the user and establish your identity before requesting that he provide you a copy of your JAMB slip through email so that you may print it.

Note that certain email service providers may permit you to register an email account and only block users who have not verified their identity.

Consequently, you may authenticate your identity using your phone number by following their straightforward procedures to regain your email address.

Does The Color Of The Jamb Slip Matter?

Some jamb applicants asked us if the color of the jamb slip is significant. They wish to know whether to publish the colored ones or only the black-and-white ones.

Here is the answer: it makes no difference whether you printed your jamb slip in color or black and white. This is the reality and truth of the situation.

Clarity of your details is the most significant factor. Your jamb registration number should be visible. What about the exam location and date, is it displayed?

However, if you have the funds, you may produce a colored printout; if you believe that doing so would be a waste of money, you can just generate a black-and-white printout.

What is the cost to reprint a JAMB slip?

In the previous year (2022), we printed for only 100 Naira, however other centers now charge up to 200 Naira. You are encouraged to make a photocopy, which incurs additional fees.

It is recommended that you print it out in the location where you enrolled for the test, although you are permitted to print it out in other locations.

Hope you are aware that you can still store the jamb slip on your phone through your jamb profile or email, then connect your phone to a printer and print the jamb slip?

Problems Candidates Face & Solutions

The message “Details Not Found For This Exam” indicates that essential information is missing. Below, we will explore the answer to this problem.

Since you enrolled with NIN, your JAMB registration number is the best choice for verifying the slip. Ensure that no errors are made while entering your Jamb registration number.

  1. The Receipt has Not Displayed: a blank bank slot appeared in place of your information.

Solution: it is possible that your browser is out of date; update your browser and verify that pop-ups are not banned in its settings. Importantly, please switch to desktop mode to ensure compatibility.

  1. The Portal is Closed: the field where you should enter your Jamb registration number is hidden.

Solution: you must only wait a short bit. This indicates that jamb slip reprinting has not yet begun.

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