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PDF: Fundamental Formulas of the English Language Textbook

Last updated on July 27th, 2022 at 10:31 am

Fundamental Formulas of the English Language by Barr. Oscar Izeyor Iyoha is one of the proficient English language textbooks that have passed the test of times. 

It is extremely useful for Waec, Neco, Jamb and UTME Exams and for general improvement on language. 

The book was first published in August 2003 by SIBIS VENTURES IN LAGOS. 

The second edition was published in May 2006 by Oscar Iyoha Publications in Lagos, Nigeria. 

The Third Edition which is the current Edition was published in July 2015; published and distributed by LINKS EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHERS LIMITED. 

The book structure its base in Formulas as the name implies which incredibly help students in recalling whatever they have learnt. In the author words curled from the preface

“Happily, I have succeeded in flogging to death all the problematic areas in which learners find seemingly difficult like riddles wrapped in enigma. I have been able to reduce some of these topics to formulas, which will help students in no small measure in making them understand with relative ease. This singular is unequalled” 

Truly, what brings the simplicity of the book is the uniqueness of the language, the detailed explanation that makes it worth reading for a wide variation of students or learners of the English Course. 

In my opinion, this is one of the best books alongside Dele Ashade Invisible Teacher and A-Z in English, or the proficient A1 in English for Beginners. It should be used by every student and tutors. 

Some of the popular topics from The Fundamentals Formulas of English:

  • Common Errors 
  • Collocations 
  • Articles 
  • Question Tags
  • Real and Unreal Future
  • The Subjunctive 
  • Comparison and Consistency 
  • Adverbial Order 
  • Group Terms
  • Phrasal Verbs 
  • Invariable Plural Nouns 
  • Nouns That Do Not Accommodate ‘so In Plural Form
  • Concord 
  • Active and Passive Voice 
  • Prepositions 
  • Plural Compounds 
  • Pronouns 
  • Irregular Verbs 
  • Irregular Plurals 
  • Adjectival Order
  • Verbs without Present Continuous Form
  • Verbs Wrongly Used With Prepositions 
  • Auxiliary Verbs
  • The Apostrophe (‘)
  • Direct and Indirect Speech

And over 40 other topics! It is one of the best I’ve seen! Even as a Teacher of English! You’ll need this. 

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