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JAMB Covid 19 vaccination policy.

Last updated on March 30th, 2022 at 09:53 am

Worried about the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board’s new “no vaccination, no entry” policy? .This article is for you to learn about the JAMB Covid 19 vacinnation policy.

The Covid 19 pandemic had swept across the world starting from December 2019. In the aftermath of this, scientists discovered a vaccine that was capable of controlling the pandemic.

With this, the effect of the virus began to subside.

In Nigeria, the Covid 19 vaccination began in March this year (2021).

However, the vaccination process faced, a couple of challenges.

This, coupled with the 4th wave of the Covid 19 pandemic which hit towards the end of this year, led to changes in vacinnation policies.

The Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) in charge of the vaccination process had declared more stringent measures to ensure more effective vaccination. 

One of these measures is the policy of denial of entry into public places for people who have not received the Covid 19 vaccination.

What is the JAMB “no vaccination no entry ” policy?

As part of the preparations for the JAMB 2022 examination process, JAMB has taken a step to protect it’s staff and candidates.

This manifested in form of it’s “no vacinnation, no entry” declaration.

Under this policy, JAMB has stated that those without evidence of having received a covid 19 vaccine, would not have access to all of the JAMB complexes worldwide.

JAMB Covid 19 vacinnation policy for underage candidates

However, in line with the policy of the NCDC, underage people are not qualified to receive the Covid 19 vaccine.

As a result of this, after declaring the new ‘”no vaccination, no entry” stance, JAMB has noticed some negative developments.

This has manifested in form of bribery, falsification of documents and other vices. Candidates are increasingly engaging in these, in a bid to get the vacinne.

Therefore, In a recently released statement, JAMB has modified this policy.

JAMB has stated that underage People are exempted from the “no vaccination no entry ” ban. This is because,they are under the law, unqualified to receive this vaccine.

However, there are also policies to prevent abuse of this loophole. JAMB has also directed the presentation of a proof of age to ensure that candidates do not falsify ages.

In light of this, JAMB advised prospective candidates who are within the eligible age to receive this vaccine, to visit the vaccination centres all around the country to get their doses. 

Here is a full list of vaccination centres around Nigeria, for those affected.

On the other hand, candidates who are not yet within the eligible age are advised to procure proof of their age, as they continue preparations for the examination.

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