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How to Score 300+ in JAMB 2022

Last updated on March 31st, 2022 at 05:55 am

*WHAT JAMB DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW** ( Secrets To Scoring Over 300 in jamb)*

Are you tired of writing JAMB? Is JAMB really frustrating you? Has depression completely set in or still about to set in ? my dear, there’s a way out of the set back, you can make it to 300+, Yes! i mean even if you haven’t made it to 200-250 in the previous exam.

Do not rush it! digest this article gently and I promise you will have regret reading it.

This is my little real life story, After writing jamb 3 times with my scores 254, 280 and 288 chronologically and being a jamb aspirants coordinator for 2years, I’ve come to the discovery of why students fail jamb.

The real problem is not reading of books, statistically speaking 80% of student that registers for jamb read their books effectively but only less than 60% pass excellently. It is worthy to note that the problem is not attending or not attending tutorial, I scored 288 not attending any tutorial center.

The main reason for jamb failures is found in how we read instead of what we read, it is found in our daily activities instead of our text books. Have you noticed that when you read in your bed, you get tired easily? there are so many life reasons for failure that i even personally experienced which are penned down in this book – “five…….” these reasons will shock you because it happens to almost everyone that encounter failure is not a matter of your reading duration or the materials you have!

There’s absolutely more to achieving this great score! A wise man said “deep mysteries are hidden in a book” your success breakthrough is tied in this book!

What do you gain by getting a copy of this book?*

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  2. HOW TO PASS JAMB SUCCESSFULLY WITHOUT READING UP TO 6H A DAY : in this book is included the series of the art psychological reading (worth 15k)
  3. THE SECRET ART OF NOTE TAKING*: sounds simple, but there are mysteries yet untold in these.I learnt this from the greatest Artist “Leonardo da Vince” and I’ve explained them in this book. (Worth 25k)
  4. HOW TO USE YOUR MIND TO ATTRACT SUCCESS* : I’ve included in this book the 3 ways to use your mind to attract success , this secret alone will inevitably attract any kind of success you want in life, Because our minds have the keys to unlocking great potential (worth 30k)
  5. HOW TO DEVELOP INCREDIBLE SELF CONFIDENCE*: Do you get distracted easily? You lose focus easily? I’ve writing down small excersice to make you very focused and highly disciplined. After reading this book you will never again be distracted by any thing ( worth 15k)
  6. FUNDAMENTAL WAYS TO OVERCOME PROCRASTINATION IN 3 DAYS* : The enemy called PROCRASTINATION has killed many dreams. I will guide you on how to avoid PROCRASTINATION. (Worth 20k)This book worth more than 80k, if you invest your 50k into it, you will never regret it, live proof testimonies are below. but due to oppression to help people achieve success, is on a give away price of *8000 naira*. but first ten persons get opportunity to get it at N2000 and other sweet opportunities such as;
    • You get access directly to me. One on one call to talk to me where you need clarification*. Access to all PDF you may need at giveaway price*
    • Opportunity to join the league of academic gaintsIs that all? No wait a second as there’s a money back guarantee, if after reading this book and you think it doesn’t worth 2000, I’d pay you back your money with letter of apology. Take action now! Click below to purchase!

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