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How to check NECO result 2021

Last updated on March 30th, 2022 at 09:53 am

Have you been wondering about the release of the Neco 2021 examination results and how to check NECO Result 2021?

Keep reading to obtain the answers you require.

The first topic is;

Is NECO Result, 2021, out?

The Good news is Yes!

The NECO  internal examination for 2021 was conducted and concluded in June/July.

According to a statement released by the assessment regulatory body, the results for this examination have been disclosed.

So now to the main question:

How to check NECO result 2021

The good thing is, the process for accessing the results has been simplified by the examination body.

So you only have to follow a few simple steps, before you can get your results.

Keep reading to find out those phases.

  • Step 1: Access the NECO result checker, you would do this by going to this site: NECO Result Checker.
  • Next, you would have to choose the examination year i.e 2021.
  • Secondly, you would  fill in the exam type i.e: INTERNAL SSCE ( senior secondary certificate examine.)
  • Now you would need to fill in your token digit.

Confused about what a “token” is?

Keep reading to get your answers from the subsequent subtopic.

  • Next, you would input your registration number. This would have been given to you when you completed your initial registration for the examination.
  • Lastly, tap on the “Result” tab.

In fewer than 5 minutes, your result would be retrieved by the software and presented to you.

What is NECO 2021 Result Token? (how to purchase it).

The Result Token is simply a pin that you have to buy to view your 2021 results.

This token would only grant you entry to one result.

This means that if you purchase a token, you can only use it to check the results of one registered candidate.

You should also note that the token can only grant you access to the result, a few times. It would not extend indefinitely.

Here’s how to buy your NECO token to view your results:

  • Next, you should log in to your account by providing your details.
  • This would include your Phone Number or Email, and your private password.
  • After logging in successfully, tap on the “purchase token ” tab on the page presently displayed.
  • You would pay a fee of #500 alongside a service charge of #50.
  • You would then indicate the sum of tokens you wish to buy.
  • After this, you would pay for the token using an E- paying platform by employing your debit card.

After doing this, the token would be given to you.

And you can progress to enter it in the result checker to get your result.

How to check NECO 2021 without a token.

Well, sorry to disappoint you.

But without a token, you would be unable to view your results.

So yes! You must possess a token to view your results.

How can I check the NECO result on my phone/ can I check my NECO result online?

The answer is yes! You can view your NECO 2021 results online.

While you may also employ the service of a commercial center in getting the results,  the process and result checking platform are easy and well suited for mobile phones.

So it’s something you can accomplish easily on your own

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