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Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) 2024 registration process:

Last updated on April 29th, 2024 at 11:11 am

Introduction The National Examinations Council (NECO) BECE is a critical examination for Junior Secondary School (JSS) students in Nigeria. It serves as a transition from JSS 3 to Senior Secondary School.

Importance of the BECE The BECE is essential for JSS students as it determines their eligibility to proceed to the next level of education. It assesses students’ knowledge and skills acquired at the basic education level.

Registration for NECO BECE 2024

Eligibility Criteria for Registration

  • Candidates must be in their final year of Junior Secondary School (JSS 3).
  • The examination is intended for school-based candidates in Nigeria and overseas, not for private candidates.

Detailed Registration Procedure

  • Offline Registration Process: Schools must uninstall the previous year’s BECE application and install the 2024 BECE offline application from NECO’s website. Candidates’ bio-data entries are made using this application.
  • Online Registration Steps: Schools should claim their online portal using the school’s official email address and phone number. After claiming the portal, schools can upload the offline entries online to obtain a registration number for each candidate.

Registration Fees and Deadlines

  • The registration fee for BECE is NGN 10,875.00.
  • Late registration incurs an additional fee of NGN 5,000.00 per candidate.
  • The deadline for registration will be specified by NECO and is typically announced well in advance.

Special Provisions for Visually Impaired Candidates

  • Visually impaired candidates should be registered like all other candidates.
  • The nature of their disability must be correctly indicated during the bio-data entry process.

Exam Date and Schedule

Official Exam Dates for NECO BECE 2024 The NECO Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for 2024 is officially scheduled to start on Monday, May 13th, 2024, and end on Friday, May 24th, 20241.

Timetable and Subjects Covered: The BECE will cover various subjects over the span of the examination period. The first day will commence with the English Language paper. Other subjects such as Mathematics, Basic Science and Technology, Social Studies, Business Studies, and Agricultural Science will follow on subsequent days1. For a detailed timetable, candidates can refer to the official NECO website or the provided timetable link1.

Resit Examination Dates: The resit examination fees are set at NGN 3,750.00 per subject per candidate. However, the specific dates for the resit examinations are not mentioned in the search results. Candidates are advised to check the official NECO website or contact their schools for the exact resit examination dates.

NECO Syllabus for Effective Study 

The NECO syllabus is a vital resource for preparing for the BECE. It outlines the topics and objectives for each subject and is essential for focused study. While there is no official syllabus for the BECE, students are advised to cover the topics taught from JSS 1 to JSS 3. The syllabus can be obtained from school principals or class teachers.

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