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A Guide to Obtaining the University of Ibadan Past Questions

Last updated on May 13th, 2023 at 11:03 pm


Preparing for exams can be a daunting task, but having access to past questions can significantly enhance your study efforts. If you are a prospective student or a current student at the University of Ibadan, seeking past questions for exam preparation, is a reliable platform that offers a convenient and accessible way to obtain University of Ibadan past questions in PDF format. In this comprehensive article, we will guide you through the process of acquiring these valuable study materials.

1. Visit

To begin, open your web browser and visit This user-friendly website offers a vast collection of past questions for various Nigerian universities, including the University of Ibadan.

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2. Navigate to the University of Ibadan Past Questions Section:

Once you are on the homepage, navigate to the search or navigation bar. Look for the section or tab labeled “University of Ibadan” or “Past Questions.” Clicking on this section will direct you to the dedicated page for University of Ibadan past questions.

Buy the University of Ibadan Past Questions

3. Select the Desired Course and Level:

On the University of Ibadan past questions page, you will find a list of courses and levels available. Browse through the available options and select the specific course and level for which you require past questions. Whether you are preparing for undergraduate or postgraduate exams, offers a comprehensive collection of past questions to cater to your needs.

4. Add Past Questions to Your Cart:

Once you have chosen the desired course and level, you will be presented with a list of available past question papers. Review the options and select the past questions you wish to acquire. Click on the “Add to Cart” or similar button next to each desired past question paper. You can add multiple items to your cart if needed.

5. Review Your Cart and Proceed to Checkout:

After adding the desired past question papers to your cart, proceed to review your selections. Ensure that you have chosen the correct course and level before proceeding. If you need to make any adjustments, you can remove or add items to your cart accordingly. Once you are satisfied with your selections, click on the “Checkout” or similar button to proceed to the payment process.

6. Make Payment and Download Past Questions: provides secure and convenient payment options. Follow the prompts to complete the payment process. Once your payment is confirmed, you will gain access to download the University of Ibadan past question papers in PDF format. The files can be saved on your device, allowing you to conveniently study and prepare for your exams.


Accessing University of Ibadan past questions is crucial for effective exam preparation. offers a reliable platform to acquire these valuable study materials conveniently and in PDF format. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can navigate the website, select your desired past question papers, make secure payments, and download the files. Utilizing these past questions will provide you with valuable insights into exam patterns, help you familiarize yourself with the types of questions asked, and enhance your overall exam readiness. Remember to make the most of these resources by incorporating them into your study plan and practice regularly to maximize your chances of success.

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