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7 Steps on How to Access Jamb Caps

Last updated on July 5th, 2022 at 11:38 am


The first step a candidate or University Aspirant will want to take after Jamb has released result is to access Jamb CAPS. Jamb CAPS stand for Jamb Central Admission Processing System. Don’t be fretted out. What can you do on Jamb CAPS?

Here are the list on what Jamb Caps is used for:

  • Upload your O Level Result
  • Change and update your admission information like Change of Institution (COI) and Change of Course (COC)
  • Check and Print Jamb Result
  • Edit incorrect Information regarding your school of choice
  • And most importantly, checking admission status.

However, Jamb CAPS is JAMB portal that can be used to check almost anything regarding your admission processing. So the next question is how do you access this portal? How can you log in on Jamb CAPS? What is the best device to log in on Jamb CAPS? Or how can I check my admission status on Jamb CAPS? How can I accept and reject my admission on Jamb Caps?

If these question are bothering you. We have got you covered in this article and all you have to do is to follow carefully.

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Is Jamb CAPS Open for 2022/2023?

Yes, Jamb caps is open for 2022/2023. After this post, you will be able to check if you have been given admission by your preferred university of choice. You also can go through you A Level or SSCE result like WAEC or NECO to verify its accuracy and avoid anything that will bother your admission process.

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Just to be sure this is what you are looking for. This post will cover these topics of

  • What is JAMB CAPS?
  • How can I log in to my Jamb CAPS?
  • How can I upload my O level or SSCE Result on Jamb Caps?
  • How can I check my admission status on Jamb Caps?
  • How can I accept admission on Jamb Caps?
  • The meaning of Transfer Approval by Jamb CAPS?

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Topic 1: What is Jamb Caps?

As it was mentioned earlier, the word CAPS is an abbreviation for JAMB Central Admission Processing System.

This is a central Jamb portal to submit, verify and consolidate aspirants’ and candidates’ information for seamless accessibility. Each candidate during Jamb exam registration is given a profile on Jamb CAPS.

That is where he or she will be accessing, checking, and printing his or her documents.

It is the chain that connects each Jamb candidate to Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB).

So if you are registered by Jamb, you should have a personal profile on the Jamb portal which is the same thing as Jamb CAPS.

You are expected to keep checking the Jamb portal or Caps for updates from Jamb as that is where you will be notified when you are offered admission into your preferred university of choice.

As a matter of fact, your university may not release her admission list on their portal. But on Jamb Caps? You will always find it there. So Jamb CAPs come first before your University.   

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Topic 2: How can log in to my Jamb Caps?

Cool! Having understand what JAMB CAPS is all about. You now want to log in, right? Don’t worry. Just follow this basic guide.

  1. Visit Jamb official portal via
jamb caps login 2022
  • Switch to desktop mode on your browser.

Click on the menu dots and find switch to desktop mode on chrome or request desktop website on safari (iPhones)

jamb caps login 2022
  • Then log in using your Jamb email and password.
jamb caps login 2022
  • Click on login and access your profile from there.

Forgotten your password? Click

  • Scroll down and use the “Forget password” the “Click to reset password”
  • Enter your email (The one connected to your jamb profile), your date of birth, and “get password through email”
  • Log in to your email and open the link sent to you. Note: It is a one-time password recovery link. Make sure you open it on a browser like chrome.
  • Reset your password.
  • If it doesn’t work? Try again the next day and for 3 days.
  • Still doesn’t work? Visit any jamb accredited center. Not Café or business center, please.

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Topic 3: How can I Upload my O level or SSCE Results on Jamb Caps?

Congratulations on being able to access your jamb Caps. However, you cannot upload your Jamb O level result in yourself for the time being and as of writing this post.

Maybe in the future, Jamb may enable that. In other words, print out your O-Level or SSCE result and take along a pin checker for them to confirm it online. These are the full things you will take along:

  1. Visit a Jamb office/Jamb Registration center. Not café or business center, please.
  2. You will need:
  3. O-level or SSCE Result
  4. Your email address (the one connected to your Jamb profile)
  5. Jamb Profile code

When you get there, request to upload your O-level result and they will help. It is supposedly free, but go with some money, let’s say up to 2000N. Nigerian officials can come up with some ridiculous fees.

Topic 4: How can I check my admission status on Jamb Caps?

Done with uploading your SSCE Result? Great! Now you have to stick to Jamb and your school News on whether they have started giving admission to students or not.

So in this process, you will need to be checking your Jamb profile, again and again, to see if they have offered you admission.

To always check your Jamb admission status, you do not need to go-to a café or accredited center.

Plus Jamb admission simply means your school admission, if you are given admission on Jamb Caps, it simply means Jamb has also given you admission.

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Therefore, to always check your admission status, follow this simple guide:

  1. Login to your Jamb Caps, check the first topic on this page on how to log in to Jamb Caps.
  2. Check the menu pane for Admission status (see the picture below)
jamb caps login 2022
  • Choose examination year
  • Enter Jamb registration number. This can be found on your jamb portal, exam reprint slip and jamb result
  • Click on “Access my Caps” then you will land on this page below
jamb caps login 2022
  • Select the “Check Admission Status” option and you will land on the page above

Congratulations, you can now check your Jamb Admission status on Caps. However, sometimes, you may not see “Accept or Reject Admission” message. You may instead see some messages like “Not admitted”, “Recommended” “Admission in Progress” etc

Here are their meanings:

  • NOT ADMITTED: It can mean two things, either your preferred school of choice has not send the list of their admitted students to Jamb or they have sent it but do not qualify, hence, you are not chosen.
  • RECOMMENDED: You preferred school of choice has chosen you but Jamb is reviewing it in compliance to your O-level and other things
  • ADMISSION IN PROGRESS: Close enough, but not final. This simply means your school have chosen you, but Jamb is yet to consider you because of some issues like female ratio, admission quota, wrong O-level etc. in most cases, 99% of people with Admission In progress always ends up getting admission. So relax, your good news is on its way.   
  • ACCEPT OR REJECT BUTTON: Congratulations, now you can click on the Accept button and inform daddy and mommy. See below for full guide


How can I accept admission on Jamb Caps?

Congratulations, you have been offered Admission into the University of your choice. Now, you can’t afford the mistake of rejecting your admission. So maximum attention is important.

Good network and seamless browser. I will recommend chrome. If you get a welcome message after switching to desktop mode. Visit the café.

  1. Click on Admission Status option
  2. Click on search and wait for profile to open. See the page below
jamb caps login 2022
  •  Click on “Accept Admission”

Also, remember to print your admission letter out. You will be requested during your clearance in your University of Choice.

Some other documents you will be required during admission clearance is Original Jamb result, O-level result, etc.

What is Transfer Approval on Jamb Caps?

Transfer Approval is same as Change of Course (COC). Sometimes after the whole aggregate, Jamb score and post UTME score is calculated. You may not meet up with the departmental cutoff for your course, sadly, you may want to forfeit the admission. However, there are other means.

You don’t need to let go of all your efforts, you may simply find an alternative course to switch to and that is where Transfer Approval comes in place.

Follow this guide to make use of Transfer Approval

  1. Login to Jamb Caps (refer to step one above)
  2. Check admission status
  3. Select examination year and input your registration number
  4.  Then click “Access my Caps” and make sure you are on the page below:
jamb caps login 2022
  • Click on Accept or Reject button below. What happens? If you accept, you will be asked to apply for a change of course in your institution.
  • This will allow the new course to reflect on your admission profile and letter. If you reject, you get no admission at all.

If you are not sure of what you are doing, we recommend you send us a message on WhatsApp 08134857339. We will help you with change of course and change of institution in less than 30 minutes.

Our charges is 2000N. You will also need to make a payment of 2500N to Jamb.

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And this is all we have to offer you. Should you have questions? Use the comment section.

Good luck!!

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