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7 Best Physics Textbooks for UTME/SSCE Exams In Nigeria

Last updated on August 5th, 2022 at 10:48 pm

This post will help you navigate bookshelves and find the best Physics Textbooks for Jamb, UTME, or any SSCE Exams. There is some certain books you will need in the course of preparation for these exams. These books are always the best for a headstart. For better insight, you may also look into the Jamb Curriculum of Physics to help you assimilate the poignant part or topics of study. 

Not to worry, I am a Physics Teacher, and I can tell with my long years of experience that the book I will be recommending below will not only serve as life-changing but powerfully give you the keynotes and points to study Physics. 

However, If you can’t afford all of them, we have helped you create them in PDFs and you can simply pay a token to download them right here from our websites. So at least, make sure you download almost all if not all. This is important because reading a certain topic from three different or even more textbooks cannot be compared to reading it from one or two. This will surely give you a deeper understanding of the topic you are studying. 

Having said that, let’s dive into the 7 Best Textbooks for UTME/SSCE Exams In Nigeria.

7 Best Physics Textbooks for Jamb and Waec

1. University Physics with Modern Physics 13th Edition by Young and Freedman

2. College Physics 9th Edition by Hugh D. Young

3. Ike E.E (2014) Essential Principles of Physics, Jos ENIC publishers

4. Ike E.E (2014) Numerical Problems and Solutions in Physics, Jos ENIC publishers

5. Nelkon M. (1977) Fundamentals of Physics, Great Britain, Hart Davis Education

6. Nelkon and Parker. (1989) Advance Level Physics, (Sixth Edition) Heinemann

Okeke P.N and Anyakoha M.W. (2000) Senior Secondary School Physics, Lagos, Pacific Printers

Senior Secondary School Physics

8. Olumuyionwa A. and Ogunkoya O. O (1992) Comprehensive Certificate Physics, Ibadan: University Press Plc.

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