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7 Best Free Learning Websites In 2022

Last updated on October 8th, 2022 at 10:16 am

Virtual learning is becoming quite popular and soon physical classes might not be necessary. Students and teachers can now interact without any physical meeting through divergent apps and software. Interestingly, students can also learn many things online without a teacher’s assistance.

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There are tons of websites you can visit to get materials and also learn outside the classroom. This article will discuss some of these websites across divergent learning possibilities. But before that, let’s see why you should consider a learning website in the first place.

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Why Should You Enrol On A Free Learning Website?

The simple truth is that everyone wants to ace their exams and perform excellently in class. For these simple reasons, free websites are the best shots for many students to get this. You can get access to more educational features and read ahead on these websites. They will also help you develop a good self-development habits and expose you to some other teaching methods.

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Having established that here are our top 7 picks of the best free learning websites on the internet:

Khan Academy

Without a doubt, Khan Academy is the best free educational resource available online, and there is no fee to use it. The website has well-organized curricula and many lesson types for pupils in every grade level and age group.

Teachers who want to embrace cutting-edge teaching techniques and improve their teaching abilities can also access the user-friendly site. For easier access, you may also download the Khan Academy mobile apps from the Google Play store.


PoemXtra is a bit different from any other website on the list since it deals more with poems and stories. However, the platform also has some other sections where it discusses certain issues affecting every student’s life.

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The platform is more than just about promoting a good literal habit and offers a complete breakdown of what your school life should look like. You can visit to find out more about this exciting website.

ABC Mouse

Here is another fascinating website that your children can utilize to maximize their online education. This website provides clear explanations for a variety of topics, including math, reading, colours, and science.

Recommended Textbooks for Jamb, Waec and SSCE

Children between the ages of 2 and 7 can engage in more than 9000 activities on ABCMouse to make learning enjoyable. With its rich learning opportunities, this website also keeps your youngster quite occupied. To access it, click the link in the title.

How Stuff Works

This website takes the game a step further by investigating every potential scenario, in contrast to other platforms on the list that are mostly for learning. The website features incredible news, games, educational films, quizzes, and other entertainment.

The instructional videos on this website are important because they provide your child with a fundamental grasp of science, technology, animals, adventures, and many other topics.

PBS Kids

The target audience for this website is children between the ages of 2 and 8. PBS Kids allows students the freedom to learn new concepts and fundamental information without any pressure. With this website, your child is almost certain to learn something new and gain free access to watch educational movies in a variety of languages, including English, French, and Spanish.

Children can also learn songs, draw items, and print them out in colour. To make it simpler for your children to access, you may also download the app.


All of the math games on our website are enjoyable for children of all ages. All ages of kids can enjoy math games, lectures, tests, manipulative activities, and even cerebral games. Regardless of their age, CoolMath4Kids gives youngsters interesting and enjoyable elements.

Kidz Page

Another website that lets kids play free online games is Kidz Page. These accessible internet games for kids include activities like crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. Additionally, the websites provide features like kid-friendly clipart, printable colouring pages, and more.


Even though there are many child internet control techniques available, parents still struggle to closely monitor their kids’ internet use and make sure it is for good. Giving your children access to the right online learning environment could fundamentally alter how they view education and provide them with the chance to learn through engaging in online activities.

As a result, they would focus more on particular topic areas and look into various opportunities to enhance their academic performance. However, you must first gain a thorough understanding of online learning platforms, and we have provided you with our recommendations for the top ones available online.

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