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“Unlocking Academic Success: The Revolutionary PREP50 Series for JAMB and WAEC Exams”

Last updated on May 26th, 2023 at 06:48 pm

Many students have worked tirelessly to achieve high grades in their WAEC and JAMB exams. However, what if I told you that the way they prepare for these exams actually sets them up for failure, no matter how hard they try?

Perhaps your son or daughter is currently studying botany, zoology, or biological science, even though their true ambition is to study medicine, engineering, or law. What if there was a way to guarantee them a high JAMB and Post UTME score, ensuring admission into any university and any course of their choice?

This guarantee lies within the preparation tools used by the Award-Winning Maltina Teacher of the Year. Her unique approach to exam preparation has yielded countless successful results for many families, and your child can be one of the success stories with your permission.

Imagine achieving a guaranteed JAMB score of ‘320’ and above on the first attempt, along with ‘A’ grades in your WAEC, all without losing a year or resorting to any form of assistance. It may sound impossible, but let me assure you, it can be achieved with the right tools. That’s why I’m introducing you to this time-tested solution that has helped thousands achieve high scores in JAMB and straight ‘A’s in WAEC.

PDF Download: English SSCE Prep 50 for O Level

Now, this is not some closely guarded secret. If you’ve ever picked up a textbook, you’ll notice how they are structured with chapters, topics, and subtopics. This is because it aligns with the scientifically proven way that humans learn and absorb information. Unfortunately, during WAEC and JAMB preparations, teachers often resort to cramming, and students use tools that end up confusing them even further, rather than facilitating a seamless preparation process.

Introducing SSCE Prep 50 for O Level: The Ultimate Exam-Ready Bundle!

The tools traditionally used for exam preparation were not developed with the psychology of learning in mind. However, the Prep50 series, our own exam preparation tool, changes the game. By using this tool, your child will not only learn but also learn how to learn effectively. This is a critical skill that every student must possess to succeed academically.

Some children mistakenly believe that learning merely involves opening a book and reading. However, they go through this motion every day in school without truly absorbing any knowledge. Effective learning goes beyond simply opening and reading a book. It requires contextualization, breaking down information into manageable chunks, and organizing it in a well-structured manner. That’s exactly what Prep50 offers. Your child will learn how to organize their academic tasks to ensure continuous learning and measurable progress.

Additionally, your child will develop the invaluable ability to think like an examiner or teacher. This skill is essential for any student preparing for exams. By diligently going through the Prep50 series, subject by subject, topic by topic, and sub-topic by sub-topic, the veil will be lifted from their eyes. Just as Adam and Eve gained knowledge of the world, your child will begin to see how examiners create, craft, and structure questions to test understanding.

Buy Jamb Prep50 Mathematics Booklet

The beauty of this skill is that once your child has acquired it, they will be able to predict likely questions that can arise from a topic when studying any textbook. This prediction ability will prevent them from failing any exam again, as long as they adequately prepare. By thinking like the teacher, they will know which parts of the textbook a skilled teacher is likely to draw questions from and can focus more attention on those areas. (Top Secret)


Prep50 promises an easy and efficient way to learn. By using this tool, your child will be able to cover more topics than ever before in a day. Most importantly, they will cover the entire syllabus well in advance of the exam. This level of familiarity with all topics and questions will enable them to confidently attempt all questions during the exam.

In many schools, exam preparations for students typically start only when they reach SS3. However, the approach advocated by the award-winning teacher suggests that WAEC preparation should commence as early as SS1, considering that the syllabus covers material from SS1 to SS3.

By exposing your child to the WAEC standard from the beginning, they gain a significant advantage over those who start their preparations later. To align with this approach, we have structured our Prep50 tool to reflect every piece of advice from the acclaimed teacher, ensuring that your child starts their journey to success early on.

Lastly, there’s a fascinating aspect that occurs when studying with Prep50, which enhances your child’s retentive memory. The structured learning approach of Prep50 helps create neural networks in their brain. Just like radio callers who call in daily, these neural networks are formed when you engage in an activity consistently. By studying with Prep50, your child will naturally create neural networks connecting the subjects and their mind, leading to easy recall during the exam.

Now, armed with the knowledge of these secrets from the esteemed Maltina Teacher of the Year, we wanted to make this knowledge accessible to every parent, school, and student. We understand that not everyone has access to such a remarkable teacher in their respective schools. Therefore, we have worked diligently to compile this solution into a series of books called the Prep50 series (available in hard copy).

Our Prep50 series sets itself apart from the past question series in WAEC and JAMB. It has been meticulously structured to ensure that your child reaps all the benefits we have discussed. By utilizing the Prep50 series, your child can gain admission to study any course of their choice without resorting to bribery or other unethical practices.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to equip your child with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their exams. The Prep50 series empowers them to learn effectively, think like an examiner, cover the syllabus comprehensively, avoid procrastination, and develop a retentive memory. By investing in the Prep50 series, you are investing in your child’s academic success and their future. Grab your copy today and witness the remarkable transformation in your child’s academic journey.

Many students struggle to achieve high scores in their JAMB and WAEC exams, often due to the tools and methods they use during their exam preparations. That’s why it’s crucial to seize this opportunity and order the revolutionary PREP50 series today. This series is not yet available in the market, and there’s no other resource organized with the secret method from the award-winning teacher in mind.

Waiting until tomorrow may lead to stock depletion, and printing more books takes weeks. That’s why it’s essential to get your hands on this groundbreaking tool now!

When you place an order, you will receive either:

PREP50 JAMB Series:

– Science bundle: English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

– Arts bundle: English Language, Mathematics/Government/Economics, Literature WAEC & JAMB combined, C.R.S.

PREP50 WAEC Series:

– Science bundle: English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Civic and Trade Subjects

– Arts bundle: English Language, Mathematics, Literature WAEC & JAMB combined, C.R.S., Economics, Government, Civic and Trade Subjects.

Additionally, you will have FREE WhatsApp support for your child to ask questions and receive assistance on any topic. You’ll also enjoy one month of FREE access to our Prep50 Online tutorials, valued at ₦40,000 and above.


Normally, this offer would cost ₦150,000, which is still remarkably affordable considering that people spend up to ₦500,000 to gain admission into medicine, law, and other courses. Unfortunately, 80% of them lose their money and end up studying fields like fishery or plant science. However, our aim is not to make money but to help your child gain admission without resorting to bribery or other unethical practices.

The JAMB bundle is available for just ₦10,000, and the WAEC bundle is priced at ₦15,000. If your child is still in SS3, purchasing both bundles will grant you a generous discount of ₦2,500. Instead of paying ₦25,000, you’ll only pay ₦22,500.

Think about it. This investment is even less than what we spend on DStv subscription in a single term. And what do you get in return? News about death and destruction? By acquiring this tool, you’re setting your child up for a successful future. When they score 350 in JAMB and gain admission into the university to pursue their desired course, without spending any additional money or resorting to bribes, you’ll have saved yourself millions.

Imagine the financial security and independence your child will have after graduation, and the relief it will bring to you as well. Don’t you want that for your child? Of course, you do. So, click the button now, place your order, make the payment, and we will promptly deliver the books to you.

Time is running out on this offer. Imagine the regret you’ll feel if you leave this page without getting this tool for your child, only for them to score 201 in JAMB. You might blame the government, the CBT center, or the computer, but the real person to blame would be you. By making the decision now to order, you can prevent your child from facing an extra year at home or having to spend hundreds of thousands on endless bribes for a problem that a mere ₦10,000 could have solved. Place your order now, make the payment, and your books will be arranged and sent to you within 24 to 48 hours.

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