What are the 7 Physics Textbooks that will give you A+ in your Exams?

Last updated on January 19th, 2023 at 09:43 pm

We have studied 7 physics textbooks and here is our results of the best you could ever use for your WAEC, NECO and JAMB or any other SSCE Exams. 

Welcome to Pdfmadeeazy — today we’ll be talking about the seven best physics textbooks you could use for your JAMB UTME and other SSCE  exams. 

Unfortunately for candidates — JAMB did not recommend some of these books in their recommendation list; while we have tried them and we have seen that most of these books are far better than some of the Jamb recommended books. We can, however, say that this list is not made by Jamb but when you check them out you can always come back to thank us later. 

Fortunately for you guys; we have provided the links to download this book even as PDF.

So you don’t have to stress looking for them in bookshops; you can download them right here on a website immediately after reading them.

However, if you’re needing a hardcopy. Feel free to check in your nearest bookshop if they are likely to be available. 

Having said that,  let’s dive into these pages. 

7 Top Physics Textbooks for WAEC, NECO & JAMB

  1. Senior Secondary School Physics by PN Okeke: (part of Jamb Recommended books.) Also, the popular topics that are clearly explained in this books are  

Download Physics Textbook PDF HERE

  1. Hidden Facts Physics: Hidden Facts in SSCE Physics is a scholarly text which covers the entire SSCE Physics syllabus. This work was borne to give synergy to the teacher-student effort in the subject with a view of curbing examination malpractice by ensuring:

Simplicity in the problem-solving approach

Indicating vital hints to help buttress the course work in view

Engaging in elaborate research work as pools of past questions from WAEC, NECO, UTME, NABTEB, POST-UTME are used as examples and some as exercise.

This is to ensure all learners irrespective of the intelligence quotient are adequately carried along, as Hidden Facts in SSCE Physics is a “Teach Yourself” masterpiece textbook with a focus on curbing examination malpractice.

Key Features

  • Teach Yourself Series
  • 2 in 1 Format of Text book and Past questions
  • Topic by topic Notes and analysis of Past questions.
  • WAEC over 25 years, NECO over 10 years, NABTEB over 6 years
  • Also suitable Jamb UTME, GCE and Post UTME as their past questions are used for examples and exercise
  • Practicals & Alternative to Practical included  

Download Physics Textbook PDF HERE

  1. Today’s Physics: A grand textbook that includes 3000 questions solved from different SSCE Exams with explicit explanations and answers. It is a big drill. And it is surely worth the budget. 

However, Today’s Physics for Senior Secondary Schools and Colleges with Over 3,000 Questions and Solutions (WAEC, NECO and UTME) by Oyelade T. O.

In addition, his is designed to provide students with a solid, coherent understanding of the concept mathematical basics relevant for learning Physics. The book meets the needs of Physics syllabus requirements of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), NECO, UTME, POST-UTME, IGCSE and others. Also, it recommended for students preparing for O level and Advanced level Physics. It covers all the topics in Physics Syllabus for secondary school.

Download Physics Textbook PDF HERE

  1. New School Physics by Anyakoha: You have probably heard of this. Popular among secondary schools. It is one of the most comprehensive so far. 

Download Physics Textbook PDF HERE

  1. All-inclusive Calculations in Physics: Most sought-after. You can trust what people are asking for. After going through the book

Download Physics Textbook PDF HERE

  1. Lamlad Physics: It Includes topic-by-topic analysis and explanation on concept across SSCE Exams like WASSCE, NECO, and UTME.

Download Physics Textbook PDF HERE

7. Principle of Physics By Nelkon: This well established popular text book contains new excersises throuout to keep pace with recent changes to the IGCSE and equivalent examinations. It contains worked examples and a section of revision papers. Highly illustrated with diagrams and photographs. 640 pages.

Download Physics Textbook PDF HERE

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