Buy Prep50 Art & Science Bundle Subjects Now Available!!!

Last updated on December 16th, 2023 at 10:44 am

Click here to buy Prep 50 Art Bundle for SSCE

Prep50 Exam Bundle is a powerful pack suitable for SSCE and UTME Exams.

Here are some of the books that will be available next week for quick downloads.

The pictures below show we’re currently creating the Prep 50 ebooks. You can pre-order them now for 1000N or wait till their completion when it will be 2000N. 

Mathematics & English are now available! (Pre-Order Not Available for them Anymore)

👉 Pre Order others online Now 

  1. Prep50 Government
  2. Prep50 Mathematics Pdf Download
  3. Prep50 English Pdf Download
  4. Prep50 Literature 
  5. Prep50 CRS
  6. Prep50 Economics 

You can use the links below to download SCIENCE Subjects: 

When will they be available? 

February 10-16th 

The books will be available one by one within those dates. 

Feel free to contact us on Whatsapp at 08134857339. 

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