NCEE (Common Entrance) Past Questions for Gifted Basic 6 Students

Last updated on July 14th, 2024 at 02:43 pm

Gifted students in Basic 6 often require more challenging material to keep them engaged and help them excel. Preparing for the National Common Entrance ExaminatEE) is an excellent opportunity to provide these students with the intellectual stimulation they need. At Pdfmadeazy, we understand the unique needs of gifted learners and have curated a selection of past NCEE questions designed to challenge and develop their advanced skills.

Tailored Study Material

Our collection of legitimate past questions is carefully selected to stimulate and challenge gifted students, ensuring they are not only prepared for the NCEE but are also encouraged to think critically and creatively. Each subject area plays a crucial role in their cognitive development:

  • Mathematics: Enhances problem-solving abilities and logical reasoning.
  • Basic Science: Fosters scientific inquiry and a curiosity about the natural world.
  • English: Improves comprehension, vocabulary, and communication skills.
  • General Knowledge: Broadens their understanding of the world and various disciplines.

Structured Practice for the Gifted Mind

Gifted students benefit from structured practice that pushes the boundaries of their understanding. Here’s a study plan leveraging the complexity of past NCEE questions:

  1. Part A:
    • Mathematics (1-40): Focus on solving challenging problems that require deep analytical thinking.
    • Basic Science (41-50): Encourage exploration of advanced scientific concepts.
    • English (1-40): Develop advanced comprehension and critical analysis skills.
    • General Knowledge (41-60): Enhance their awareness of various global and local topics.
  2. Part B:
    • Quantitative (40 Questions): Emphasize pattern recognition and advanced mathematical concepts.
    • Verbal (40 Questions): Strengthen advanced vocabulary and comprehension skills through complex passages.

Resources and Formats

We offer past questions from the years 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 in both Docx and PDF formats to cater to different learning preferences. 

These resources are designed to be intellectually stimulating, ensuring that gifted students remain engaged and challenged throughout their preparation.

You may also be interested in our National Common Entrance Examination Past Questions and Answers (NCEE).


Providing gifted students with resources that match their exceptional abilities is crucial for their development. Incorporating our curated past NCEE questions into their study regimen will help them achieve their full potential. Encourage educators and parents to take advantage of these resources to support the intellectual growth of their gifted children.

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