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Lamlad English Pdf Download

Last updated on December 12th, 2023 at 06:00 pm

Download Lamlad English PDF format. This is the scanned copy of the Lamlad English Textbook. It is complete, clear, and up to date. Lamlad Chemistry, Lamlad Biology, Lamlad Physics, and Lamlad Mathematics are also available in ebooks download.

HERE is what to expect from the book

1The Comprehension Passage
2Lexis and Structure: Vocabulary Development
3Vocabulary Development: Registers
5Synonyms and Antonyms
6Word Combinations
8Nouns and Pronouns
9Verbs and Tense
12Joining Phrases and Sentences
13Punctuation Marks and their Uses
14Direct and Indirect Speeches
15Oral Forms
16Some Common Mistakes to Avoid
17WASSCE (Objective) 2011
18UTME 2011
19WASSCE (Orals) 2011
20WASSCE (Objective) 2012
21UTME 2012
22WASSCE (Orals) 2012

Download Lamlad Chemistry Here

Lamlad English PDF Format Textbook download is available for you. 

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It is an essential Textbook for SSCE, WASSCE, NECO and other O Level Exams. 

FREE: Lamlad Physics for SSCE/UTME Pdf Download

We have uploaded the scanned complete version on our website for your download. 

Lamlad English Pdf is written in topic by topic analysis with explanatory diagrams and exercises drawing questions from Waec, Jamb and Neco Exams. 

FREE: Download Lamlad English PDF Format

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