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All you need to know about Pre Degree Programmes in 2022.

Last updated on April 10th, 2022 at 08:37 am

Continue reading to get explanations to all  concerns you  retain concerning Pre- Degree courses

So, to the first question;

What is the Pre-degree Programme?

Simply put, a pre-degree programme is an annual program supervised by institutes.

The aim includes these institutions preparing aspirants to partake in the official school session in the coming year.

This arrangement is for you if you have had difficulty gaining entry to an institute by employing the Post UTME exams.

By enrolling in the Pre Degree Program, you get to take all the classes you would have in your first year( if your institution of choice had granted you entry

You would also be prepared for another trial at the entry into the said establishment.

The program stretches out for a period of two semesters, stretching across 6-9 months.

What are the prerequisites to acquire a Pre Degree form in 2022?

For most institutions, you would have to amass a minimum of 5-6 credits in your O-level examinations.

you should have acquired these at no further than two O- level exams sittings.

If you do not possess the entire results before being assigned entry into the program, then you would certainly need to tender them before you are granted entry into the institution at the end of the procedure.

Note, that not all schools would give you admission on a pending result status.

To be sure if this pertains to the establishment of your preference, make enquiries concerning such from reliable sources.

Are all Nigerian universities running Pre Degree programmes?

The response is No.

Not all Nigerian tertiary institutions offer pre-degree programs

This is a full schedule of institutions that offer pre-degree programmes: Nigerian institutions that offer a pre-degree.

To avoid being confused, you should take note that not all schools refer to the programme as “pre-degree”. Few of them refer to the exact arrangement as a “remedial programme”

To learn how it is termed in your establishment of choice, you should visit the institute’s official website to find out.

You could also seek information from other reliable sources such as officials working at such institutions.

How much is the Pre Degree form in 2022?

Note that, there is no fixed price for pre-degree forms across Nigerian tertiary institutions.

This means that the price of the form is fixed by each institution individually, and differs from one establishment to the other.

However, to obtain a pre-degree form in 2022, you would need a sum of not less than #15 000.

Visit your Institution’s official website to make further inquiries.

When will the pre-degree forms be out?

Candidates interested in the course must procure the UTME form for that year.

To this effect, most Institutions begin selling forms for pre-degree around the same time that JAMB begins the sale of UTME forms.

When is usually the closing date for the form?

There is no widespread closing date for pre-degree forms in 2022.

Commencement of enrollment, as well as the closure, is peculiar to each institution.

As such, you would need to keep surveying the institute’s official website to get up to date information.

Will I be Given admission after finishing my pre-degree?


But only on certain conditions.

To qualify for entry into the school you must complete the institute’s pre-degree assessment,  and obtain the required amount of points.

Also, you must meet up with the set cut off eating of the JAMB examinations.

Then you will be considered for admission.

How much is the pre-degree programme tuition?

As said earlier, fees relating to this course are peculiar to each Establishment.

Nonetheless, for tuition, you should have a sum of not less than #100 000

Do polytechnics and colleges of education run the programme?


The only difference is, they are referred to under several names including; preliminary, pre -NCE, and pre-ND

Do I need to Write UTME or Post UTME with Pre Degree?

Few establishments do not make it mandatory for Candidates to also purchase JAMB forms.

However, some others do.

For these schools, they would also make it mandatory for pre-degree partakers to sit for post utme that year

You should visit your institution’s official website to get more information about this.

You can also make enquiries at the institute’s admission office.

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