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New School Physics Textbook Pdf

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Download New School Physics PDF by Anyakoha for Senior Secondary Schools Students. It is an all inclusive physics textbook and well label for accurate understanding. It covers the current WAEC, NECO, UTME, JUPEB, POST UTME, IELTS syllabuses and highly relevant for foreign and national exams. Highly resourceful for candidates seeking admissions into Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education and Foreign or National Scholarship examinations.

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New School Physics Textbook PDF by Anyakoha is widely comprehensive, just like All Inclusive Calculations in Physics by solomon Dauda. 

The Ministry of Education and most schools, recommend the New School Physics Pdf by Anyakoha for Science Students that want to prepare for SSCE, WASSCE (WAEC), UTME (JAMB), A-Level etc.


Here are some topics from the textbook

Chapter Topic
1 Units and Measurements
1.1 Fundamental and derived units
1.2 Measurements
2 Motion
2.1 Types of motion
2.2 Friction
2.3 Length
2.4 Volume
3 Heat
3.1 Work
3.2 Energy
3.3 Simple idea of circular motion
3.4 Power
3.5 Electric Charges
4 Energy Transformation and conservation of mechanical energy
4.1 World Energy Resources
4.2 Concept of heat and temperature
4.3 Effects of heat
4.4 Kinetic molecular theory
4.5 Thermal expansivity
4.6 Change of state
5 Description and Property of Fields
5.1 Transfer of heat: conduction, convection and radiation
5.2 Production of charges
5.3 Electric Field
5.4 Electric lines of force
5.5 Potential difference and electric current
5.6 Production of electric current
5.7 Drift velocity
6 Projectiles
6.1 Motion of a projectile
6.2 Equilibrium of Forces
6.3 Concept of equilibrium
6.4 Resultant and equilibrant of forces
6.5 Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)
6.6 Definition of simple harmonic motion (SHM)
6.7 Linear Momentum
7 Work, Energy and Power
7.1 Fundamental and derived units
7.2 Measurements
7.3 Types of motion
7.4 Friction
7.5 Length
7.6 Volume
7.7 Relative motion
7.8 Mass and weight
7.9 Time
8 Heat Energy: Temperature and its Measurements
8.1 Measurement of Heat Energy
8.2 Specific heat
8.3 Change of state; latent heat
8.4 Evaporation
8.5 Summary
9 Equilibrium of Forces
9.1 Gravitational force between two masses
9.2 Relation between ‘G’ and ‘g’
9.3 Gravitational potential
9.4 Kepler’s laws
9.5 Natural and artificial satellites
9.6 Escape velocity
9.7 Summary
10 The Gas Laws
10.1 Measurement of gas pressure
10.2 Boyle’s law and its parameters
10.3 Pressure law
10.4 Charles’ law and its applications
10.5 General gas law
10.6 Summary
11 Waves
11.1 Types of mechanical waves
11.2 Production of mechanical waves
11.3 Transverse and longitudinal waves
11.4 Sources of light
11.5 Transmission of light
11.6 Rectilinear propagation of light
11.7 Reflection of light at plane surfaces
11.8 Reflection of light by curved surfaces
11.9 Summary
12 Reflection of Light Waves
12.1 Reflection through rectangular glass block
12.2 Total internal reflection
12.3 Refraction of light through triangular prism
12.4 Dispersion of light
12.5 Summary
13 Refraction of Light Waves
13.1 Introduction, definitions
13.2 Methods of measuring temperature
13.3 Relative humidity and dew point
13.4 Boiling
13.5 Molecular explanation of temperature
13.6 Summary
14 Pressure in Fluids
14.1 Concept of pressure
14.2 Pressure in liquids
14.3 Atmospheric pressure
14.4 Pascal’s principle
14.5 Determination of relative density of liquids
14.6 Summary
15 Sound
15.1 Production and transmission of sound
15.2 Characteristics of sound
15.3 Forced vibrations
15.4 Vibrations in strings and pipes
15.5 Application of sound waves in musical instruments
15.6 Concept of pressure
15.7 Pressure in liquids
15.8 Atmospheric pressure
15.9 Pascal’s principle
15.10 Determination of relative density of liquids
15.11 Summary
16 Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)
16.1 Definition of simple harmonic motion (SHM)
16.2 Period and frequency of SHM
16.3 Amplitude and acceleration of SHM
16.4 Energy in SHM
16.5 Forced vibration and resonance
16.6 Summary
17 Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion
17.1 Forces
17.2 Contact and non-contact forces
17.3 Newton’s laws of motion
17.4 Applications of Newton’s laws of motion

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New School Physics includes chapters that begin with a long list of objectives to let the learners know focus points and expectations.  Every chapter is improved and developed into more comprehensive and detailed knowledge base of the topic expressed. Even so, each chapter summaries and reflects on topic of study.

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Features of New School Physics:

  • Objective and analytical questions for each topics
  • Problem-solving questions and revision guide
  • Comprehensive examples and mathematical illustrations
  • Colored diagrams and figures with accurate labels and so on.

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New School Physics Author: M.W Anyakoha

New School Physics by Anyakoha Pdf free download ranks among the best physics texts used in Nigeria today. The author of New School Physics is M.W Anyakoha. He is a professional in this field. New School Physics author, M.W Anyakoha has PhD honors in physics. This assures the reader that the content of this text is well researched, and the knowledge is conveyed in a deeply professional manner.

Furthermore, The concerned authorities continue to recommend the New school physics pdf textbook because it aligns well, with the O’level syllabus. As such, it helps prepare the readers for whatever O’ level exams they plan to take. It also guarantees the readers acing these exams. As long as they have put ample time into the diligent study of this book.

So, If you’re intending to learn all through the Physics syllabus from SS1 to 3. with minimal difficulties,  proceed to downloading this book.

It is available here for download in pdf format.

You can talk to us on WhatsApp to get more information.

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