PDF: Download the Test of Orals by Ayo Òsìnsanwó

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Download the Test of Orals by Ayo Òsìnsanwó, a comprehensive exam-focused handbook for WAEC and JAMB students. 

Download the PDF  Test of Orals by Ayo Òsìnsanwó

If you’re looking for some quality books on oral English, then I think the Tests of Orals in English Language by Ayo Òsìnsanwó is exquisite. You may want to ask why…

It is a book designed exactly for oral English exam, not just learning purposes, for JAMB, WAEC, NECO and so on.

Tests of Orals in English Language by Ayo Òsìnsanwó is in pdf version on our site and it contains classification of Vowel sounds, classifying Vowel sounds, syllables, consonant sounds, stress, intonation and so much more.

More importantly, it contains SSCE/UTME Past Questions on Oral English for practice.

Personally, I think this is your best bet, otherwise, you may want to check out our Three-Way to Oral English. Or if you’re looking to learn English in general, check out our blog post on Best English Textbooks for SSCE Exams 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Title Page
Copyright page
Unit 1
English Language, Oral English and the Organs of Speech
Definition of Relevant Terms
The Organs of Speech
Unit 2: Vowel Sounds
Classifications of Vowel Sounds
Position of the Tongue (on the Vertical Axis)
Position of the Tongue (on the Horizontal Axis)
The Shape of the Lips
Vowel Length
Vowel Nucleus
Description of Vowel Sounds
Unit 3
Comparing Vowel Sounds
Unit 4
The Consonant Sounds
Description of Consonant Sounds
Place of Articulation
Manner of Articulation
State of the Glottis
Description of Consonant Sounds (with Examples)
Unit 5
Comparing Consonant Sounds
Unit 6: The English Syllable
The English Syllable
Words and Syllables
One-Syllable/Mono-Syllabic Words
Two-Syllable/Di-Syllabic Words
Poly Syllabic Words
The Syllable Structure
Consonant Clusters
Unit 7: The English Stress
Word Stress
Degrees of Stress
Rules of Stress Placement in English
Class Exercise
Connected Speech (Sentence Stress)
Strong Forms
Weak Forms
Emphatic Stress
Unit 8: Rhyme, Rules of Markers/ Inflectional Endings in English and Silent Letters
Rules Governing Rhyme
Rules of Markers/ Inflectional Endings in English
Past Tense Markers
Plural Noun Markers
Present tense markers
Silent Letters
Unit 9: Intonation
Intonation Patterns
Tune I (Falling Tune)
Tune II (Rising Tune)
Tune III (Rise-fall Tune)
Tune IV (Fall-rise Tune)


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