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FREE: Further Mathematics by PN LASSA pdf download

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If you have been having difficulties solving any mathematical problem, then you should get this text. It is explicit and detailed.

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Further Mathematics by PN LASSA (pdf) is for you, if you have you been having difficulties with some mathematical problems
It is widely explanatory and detailed.

Detailed description of Project Further Mathematics (pdf).

Further Mathematics by PN LASSA (pdf) Contains easily understandable explanations on all topics included in the SS1-SS3  Secondary School Mathematics syllabus.

In detail, these include;

  •  Firstly, Set.Next,Indices and Logarithms. Next,Surds.Then moving on, we have ;Linear Inequalities. Next is Binary Operations. Then Functions. Then Sequence and Series
  • Moving on to Topic Outline for SS2 Second Term. Firstly; Vectors in three dimensions I. Then,Vectors in three dimensions II. Then we have, Statistics (Probability). Next,Probability. Next,Permutation and Combination. Next,Pure Maths Surd II. Then,Integration I. Next is Statistics correlations. Lastly,Pure Maths Inequalities
  • Lastly,Topic Outline for SS3 First Term. Starting with Inequalities. Next, Matrices and Determinant. Then, Partial Fraction. Next, Probability and Distribution and Approximation. Then,  Variance. Lastly, Correlation.

Furthermore, all of these are explained in understandable details.

Also explanations are done with the aid of diagrams.

Ultimately, It is a popular textbook .  If you intend to improve your Mathematics in secondary school or above. this gives you a  great shot at it

It comes complete with explanatory diagrams and excercises to help learning and make sure users understand what is being read.

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