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Essential Agricultural Science Textbook by O. A Iwena Paperback

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This Product contains the Essential Agricultural Science Textbook. 

Buy Essential Agricultural Science for Senior Secondary Schools’ by O. A. Iwena today for a discounted price! This comprehensive book is designed for UTME and SSCE Exams and covers a wide range of topics including:

Book One: Senior Secondary School 1

  1. Subsistence and Commercial Agriculture
  2. Roles of Government and Non-Governmental Organizations in Agricultural Development
  3. Meaning and Importance of Agriculture
  4. Problems of Agricultural Development in Nigeria
  5. Agricultural Laws and Reforms
  6. Agricultural Ecology
  7. Land and Its Uses
  8. Agro-Allied Industries
  9. Environmental Factors Affecting Agricultural Production
  10. Rock Formation
  11. Formation, Composition, and Properties of Soil
  12. Farm Machinery and Implements
  13. Problems and Prospects of Agricultural Mechanization
  14. Sources of Farm Power
  15. Classification of Crops
  16. Husbandry of Selected Crops
  17. Pasture and Forage Crops

Book Two: Senior Secondary School 2

  1. Plant Nutrients and Nutrient Cycle
  2. Irrigation
  3. Drainage
  4. Agricultural Pollution
  5. Farm Surveying and Planning
  6. Forest Management
  7. Agro-Forestry Practices in Nigeria
  8. Floriculture
  9. Diseases and Pests of Crops
  10. Weeds and Weed Control
  11. Types and Classification of Farm Animals
  12. Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals
  13. Animal Reproduction
  14. Environmental Physiology
  15. Livestock Management
  16. Animal Nutrition
  17. Rangeland Management
  18. Basic Economic Principles
  19. Factors of Production
  20. Principles of Demand and Supply
  21. Functions and Problems of Farm Management

Book Three: Senior Secondary School 3

  1. Crop Improvement
  2. Animal Improvement
  3. Animal Health Management
  4. Aquaculture
  5. Apiculture or Bee-Keeping
  6. Effects of Some Farming Practices on the Soil
  7. Animal By-Products
  8. Routine Management Practices in Farm Animals
  9. Agricultural Finance
  10. Farm Records and Accounts
  11. Marketing of Agricultural Produce
  12. Agricultural Insurance
  13. Agricultural Extension

Enhance your agricultural knowledge with this comprehensive resource for senior secondary students.

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