Download Lost Mine of Phandelver” – A Classic Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

Download Lost Mine of Phandelver” – A Classic Dungeons & Dragons Adventure
Download Lost Mine of Phandelver” – A Classic Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

Download “Lost Mine of Phandelver PDF” – A Classic Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

Embark on an epic quest with “Lost Mine of Phandelver PDF,” the beloved introductory adventure for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. This adventure module is perfect for new and seasoned players alike, offering an exciting and immersive experience in the rich fantasy world of the Forgotten Realms.

About “Lost Mine of Phandelver PDF”:

  • Rules Required: Dungeons & Dragons, 5th edition
  • Character Levels: 1–5
  • Setting: Forgotten Realms
  • Pages: 64

Plot Summary: The adventure begins in the town of Phandalin, where the characters are tasked with escorting a wagon of supplies. What starts as a simple mission quickly unfolds into a deeper mystery involving a hidden mine, a powerful artifact, and the scheming of nefarious foes. Players will explore dangerous dungeons, battle fierce monsters, and uncover the secrets of the Lost Mine of Phandelver.

Adventure Highlights:

  • Introduction: Learn the basics of running this adventure.
  • Running the Adventure: Tips and guidance for Dungeon Masters.
  • Background and Overview: The lore and context of the adventure.
  • Adventure Hook: Engage players with a compelling start.
  • The Forgotten Realms: Explore the rich setting of this campaign.
  • Premade Characters: Ready-to-play characters for quick setup.

Adventure Parts:

  • Part 1: Goblin Arrows
    • Goblin Ambush
    • Cragmaw Hideout
  • Part 2: Phandalin
    • Encounters in Phandalin
    • Important NPCs
    • Town Description
    • Redbrand Ruffians
    • Redbrand Hideout
  • Part 3: The Spider’s Web
    • Triboar Trail
    • Conyberry and Agatha’s Lair
    • Old Owl Well
    • Ruins of Thundertree
    • Wyvern Tor
    • Cragmaw Castle
  • Part 4: Wave Echo Cave
    • Character Level
    • Experience Point Awards
    • Wandering Monsters
    • General Features
    • Keyed Encounters
    • Conclusion


  • Appendix A: Magic Items
    • Using a Magic Item
    • Item Descriptions
  • Appendix B: Monsters
    • Statistics
    • Monster Descriptions

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Why Play “Lost Mine of Phandelver PDF”?

  • Ideal for both new and experienced players
  • A balanced mix of role-playing, exploration, and combat
  • Richly detailed setting with engaging NPCs and plotlines
  • Highly acclaimed as one of the best introductory adventures for D&D 5th Edition

Download “Lost Mine of Phandelver PDF” now and start your journey into the Forgotten Realms!

Size: 145MB
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